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100 Mascaras // Part One

This mascara feature was originally found over on the Cosmopolitan Magazine (found here). I found it so interesting and normally I would never copy forward another story like this but it couldn't be bypassed as it's so interesting. Basically Cosmo decided to swatch 100 different mascara's on the same person, the mascaras all varied in price range and prices - I will be taking this 'research' a bit further for you sweeties so please look out for the following parts as they're published. 

We're you surprised with any of the swatches? Did you find your mascara? I know I did and I have to say I'm impressed that the brands stood up, I adore two brands and one particular mascara; the ones I love are Artdeco (adore this brand!), YSL and I also love Benefit's They're Real. Part two coming soon.... 


Statement: Cosmopolitan Website *

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