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100 Mascaras Winner // Part Three

The 100 mascara feature is made up of many posts. Post one can be found here and post two can be found here. If you're new to the blog and have found this feature basically it came about after seeing the '100 Mascara' feature over on the Cosmopolitan Magazine 100 Mascara feature (found here).

Part one showed the 100 mascara swatches which were on the Cosmopolitan website. Part two takes this further and has singled out the best swatch/mascara from each collection of four. Part three takes this one step further by once again picking the best of the bunch. No prices or brands have been taking into consideration and when the choices have been made it's purely been via image rather than as a feature, where the prices are shown.  

So here are the winners so far... 

94 // Vivo Volume + Length Mascara - £3.49 

 First up I was choosing the mascara's based on their colour tone - these are all black but some of the 100 were hardly detectable or were very natural on the lash. You can see all six of these are blackest black but which ones were the best? Artdeco, Vivo and 2True seem to be the blackest from root to tip. 

Next I was looking at length, which mascaras appeared to lengthen the lashes more than the others? Artdeco, Nars and YSL lengthened both sets of lashes I felt, some appeared to lengthen the top but not the bottom such as Bobbi Brown which seemed to only catch a few of the lashes rather than them all. 

Next I was looking at tone, definition and clumping? Does the mascara make the lashes look healthy, do the lashes look naturally long and black and does the mascara leave the lashes looking like spider legs? 

Bobbi Brown I felt was patchy in tone and didn't cover the lash equally from root to tip - I felt this looked like a lower priced brand. 

YSL defined the lashes, coated them in equal colour and there was only slight clumping near the tips which is perfectly natural with most mascaras.

Artdeco lengthened, defined and coated the lashes from root to tip in dark black pigment, there was slight clumping on the lower lashes but this could have been from the application - I also felt the Artdeco swatch looked thicker, maybe this mascara thickens the lashes giving the appearance of fuller lashes? 

Nars coated, defined and there was no clumping, I do feel that the lashes look very scant with the Nars mascara in comparison to some of the others. 

Vivo really surprised me as the lashes look long, black and defined. There's clumping however especially on the lower lashes which I don't feel is due to the application as the clumps are on the tips on the upper lashes, I find this normally happens when a formula is too thick and it's typically found with lower priced brands. 

2True was another shocker - I love this low-cost brand however and feel that many of their products stand up to the big brands. This mascara based on price is amazing! like seriously amazing especially considering it only costs £3. The only downfall is that it doesn't seem to catch all of the lashes, further applications to catch these may result in clumps. 

So which one wins based on all of that information? 

YSL Mascara Effet Faux Cils Babydoll 1 Mascara! It may not be the cheapest mascara but it ticks all of the boxes. I've tried this mascara as well as a few others on the list and I have to say that this is one of the best that I've personally tried and there are many others who will tell you the same. 

Would you agree? Which mascaras have you tried and loved or hated? 

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