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Aromatherapy Associates | Nourishing Face Oil

I've now tried a few products from Aromatherapy Associates and each time it's been an awesome experience. Yes, these are home products such as cleansers, face masks, and beauty oils but they still leave you feeling as though you've had some time to yourself - relaxed, serene and soothed. 

Aromatherapy Associates have over thirty years of experience working with therapeutic oils and in the some of the most luxurious locations - now they find that their products are stocked in some equally lush stores. It's an inspiring story for sure, but unlike other brands that hype their back story but put out less than perfect products, Aromatherapy Associates really does. Their products do enhance the users emotional and mental well being and anyone who has ever used oils to improve their health will be nodding their heads right now in agreement. 

For little over a week I've been using the Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil which is apart of the Hydrating Collection. This collection aims to plump, hydrate and nourish with botanical oil blends. Ingredients include Evening Primrose oil and Rose oil, this help to boost essential fatty acids and improve circulation, good circulation is key to maintaining your youthful glow. 

The product itself is very easy to use you simply use the dropper to pop some of the oil onto your fingertips (I use fingertips you can, of course, apply straight to your face) and then apply to the face in circular movements (boost circulation), it absorbs quickly and you're not left with greasy spots or that horrid oil slick residue once you apply this. If your skin is particularly dry you can add some of your face oil to your moisturiser and apply to boost the benefits. While this is a face oil I absolutely recommend using this on the back of the hands, the decolletage, the breasts, and neckline. If it's good enough to anti-age your face then it's good enough for these other premature ageing areas.  

Aromatherapy Associate products are priced in the mid-range the ingredients are skin and ethically friendly too. As an essential oil lover, I can appreciate just how much this ingredient cost and because of this I do think these products are worth so much more than they're sold for, this oil will last an absolute age; this costs £42, factoring in cost peruse this facial oil is value for money.... and such a treat. You can pick up your own from Aromatherapy Associates - I recommend you take a peek, chances are you're going to end up with a wishlist as long as your arm *smiles* 


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