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B&M's | Mini Home Haul

I hit my local B&M's on my birthday (such a wild child, huh) because I wanted some new decor items and storage and they usually have cute little products at excellent prices. I've blogged about my little shelves before and a few months back I purchased some vintage-inspired jars for the bottom shelf which I hold lipsticks and balms in. At that point, I purchased three but instantly regretted not picking up another because I was left with a gap! the gap annoyed me - call me OCD but I knew another cream lidded jar was needed. 

I'm also trying to slowly convert all of my darker home decor items to whites or cream tones to brighten up the energy (such a hippy) and make our cramped home lighter and brighter - I saw a cream wire dish rack at Next and regretted not picking it up, when I went to B&M's I saw the had one that was so similar that it had to go in the basket with it only costing around £4 compared to Next's £15. 

Here are the shelves, you'll see (on the right) that I stacked creams up to fill that space and then you'll see my new jar and it filled! literally took seconds to fill it. 

The jars are standard glass with a glass heart shape on the front. The lids are metal but come in pastel tones such as baby pink, white and cream. They only cost £1.50 and you can fit loads in them! Cute huh. 

I'm currently on the raw till four lifestyles where I eat mostly smoothies, fruits, veggies and well raw foods until four. I was previously using a jug but it's not cute drinking a huge smoothie from a jug and I did have my eye on a Kilner type of handled jar mug, like this Go Jar one here, but I've yet to get my finger out and order it. I saw this large handled soup bowl and thought 'aha' it was perfect for my huge smoothies and pretty cute too - it also only cost £1.99 and I've been using it multiple times a day. Bargain. 

I adore Buddha. I love what the image stands for and I believe, as did my dad that they are lucky. I spotted this soft sage Buddha ornament for £1.99 and had to have it. If I had to chose only one item to purchase it would have been the Buddha which is pictured on the left. The Buddha on the right is a tea light holder I picked up years ago from Partylite and I do have mini Buddha's too - I so badly want to spray paint the tea light holder a vintage cream though because the dark bronzed look doesn't fit in with my decor anymore. 

What do you think of my goodies? There was so much cute things, a pink and white bedside lamp for £3.99 (similar to the ones in Next), heart diner plates for £1.50 and cute little vintage style plaques for £1.50 upwards. These decor items are similar to items you'd pick up in Next and as much as I adore Next, if I can get something similar and that are as equal in terms of quality I'm always going to choose the lower priced goodies. 

You can pick these up in your local B&M's, link up with your home decor hauls below guys. 

* Purchased Myself *

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  1. I love B&M but nearest one is approx 10 miles away.


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