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Bohemian Beauty | Wish List

I adore beauty products but I suppose I'm not exactly like most other beauty bloggers in that I rarely wear fake tan, eyelashes, nails and huge amounts of makeup. I'm a carefree, skincare fanatic who adores products that can lift, brighten, refresh and make me look naturally pretty. 

I'm all about primping the basics so that they take care of the rest - hair, eyebrows, lip care and skin are all 'basics'.  I'm an ingredient snob, packaging snob and a hippy born in the wrong era; these products for me are the perfect boho or basic must-haves. Suitable for both boho's, festival-goers and those who want something a bit more gentle but with the benefits of luxury branding. 

Check out the list... 

Mavala Colour Trio Set // The set includes South Beach Pink, Waikiki Orange and Vegas Pink. I absolutely recommend wearing these together for an awesome summary clashing manicure. 

Jurlique Citrus Shower Gel // Citrus is such a happy scent and bohemians are happy peeps. That's my excuse for adding this to my wishlist because I really want it. Plus I love the earthy packaging. 

Clinique Instant Lift For Brows //  One side is used to define and HD-ify your brows and the other end consists of a highlighter balm to apply to your brow bone which will make your brows look sharp and professional. I love this. I think when it comes to a boho, carefree and free-spirited look the brows are the only thing that really needs to be done to create a natural beauty look. They define your face, make your eyes pop and your cheekbones look awesome too. 

TanOrganic Duo Bronzer // I was so close to purchasing this a few months back but ended up receiving the Living Nature bronzer. Now that I've spotted it again I realise I must have it. Some use bronzers as bronzers, I don't. I use a bronzer for blush, bronzer, eyeshadows and as a lip primer (on occasion). This is also organic and comes in wooden packaging, awesome. 

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip Balm // 100% pure and natural lip balm that comes in summary packaging in a cherry blossom scent. Tell me what's not to love? It's also super affordable as it costs less than £5! 

Decleor SPF30 Aroma Sun Body Fluid // Decleor, body moisturiser and sunscreen. It's sun protection for your body but in pretty packaging. Most suncream and blocks come in dull packaging, this I'd happily whip out to reapply to my arms and legs etc multiple times a day. 

Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser // Soap substitutes, tea extracts and oat proteins work to cleanse deeply, refresh and protect the skin. The polyphenols in the tea are excellent antioxidants which improve circulation - this alone helps with anti-ageing so I'm all over this, plus its Korres - I love this brand. 

Tromberg Herbal & Vitamin Shampoo // I want this! I'm allergic to so many shampoo's and even as I write this my scalps itching like crazy, we ran out of my usual shampoo and I had to revert to Pantene - big mistake! I have a rash all over me, cysts on my face, lumps on my head and I'm so freaking itchy. The Tromborg shampoo is created with natural ingredients and contains vitamins such as A, B, E, F, H and panthenol which helps the hair to grow and the scalp to heal. It has little foaming abilities because it doesn't contain any nasties but it's not so much the foam that cleans, it's the scalp action - this doesn't irritate the scalp and should wash away the built-up oils effectively. See why I want it so badly? 

Aveda Stress-Fix Pure-Fume Roll On Perfume // I have this roll-on as well as the love fragrance roll-on (review here) and they're ah-mazing. This one is formulated with lavender, lavandin and clary sage and all notes are created with essential oils so they absolutely work at reducing stress, improving sleep etc. Although these are ickle they're very potent and do last all day long. 

Roger & Gallet Bois d'Orange Fresh Water Fragrance Spray // I have all of the Roger & Gallet sprays on my wishlist but it's this Bois d'Orange and the Rose fragrance sprays that sit in first and second place. This particular spray is formulated with basil-verbena, orange, neroli, spice, orange blossom, musk, amber, palissander and Atlas cedar. Sweet, spicy, fruit and musky *sigh* my perfect kind of summer scent. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil // I love both the Smog and Stash - the deep silky smooth brown and khaki are absolutely bohemian and suitable for that grungy festival look that's popular at this time of the year. 

Intelligent Nutrients Organic Leave-In Conditioner // I've wanted this for ages because it's supposed to be incredible. It's a 100% non-toxic plant-based conditioner for the hair. Lightweight, curl control and protects the hair from heat. It also contains Intellimune which is said to health the hair from within. 

Burt's Bee's Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm // Cocoa and Blueberry oil - decadent 100% natural lip balm. Yum. 

Ah dammit, now I've got a huge wish list. I'm pretty sure you're going to see some of these goodies in a haul post shortly though. What products are you craving right now? 


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