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Crushing // Leslie Mann & Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier // The Other Woman Premier

I rarely post about celebrity style unless it's something that's blow me away and recently I have been blown away by Leslie Mann's style. I love Leslie Mann, I love the films she's in and I love her kooky personality. She's now in her forties and where you see some celebrities within the same age bracket trying to look younger - Leslie doesn't. She dresses so right for her age, shape and personality and for me, that is so inspirational. 

The picture above at The Other Woman premier is what lead me to post. How-incredible-does-she-look! The outfit created consists of a Monique Lhuillier silk and linen bandeau top and Monique Lhuillier silk dropped ball skirt in clashing tones - that's $3190.00 worth of outfit right there. 

The shoes are by Oscar Tiye and are red leather Cleopatra sandals, the shoes for me make this outfit and I do believe she looks even better than the models who wore this on the runway. On the runway they wore simple strap shoes and it didn't have the wow factor that it does with the detailing on the shoe. Also note how she doesn't try to pull off a huge platform shoe like many other celebs in their 40's do. 

And just to show off how amazing Monique Lhuillier looks on Leslie, check her out in the orange 2013 resort dress. I love the a-line on this, it skims but holds in all the right places, it's modern without being so try hard and I really think it makes her look young and fresh. Teaming the dress with the nude stiletto's was a great way to go, anything other than the pointed toe would have taken this too far into the cutesy category. 

While I'll never be able to purchase these outfits or shoes (unless I don't pay my rent of course) I really think that the style rules she follows can be transferred into all clothing ranges. Secretly I just dream about the day that I can have a wardrobe filled with gorgeous pieces from my favourite designers such as, Monique Lhuillier, Kate Spade, Oscar De La Renta, Tibi and Preen

What do you think about Leslie Mann's style and style in general for those who are slightly older? 


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