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Essie | Bridal Collection

Essie's Bridal Collection is due to launch next month just in time for wedding season. If you're planning a wedding or even participating in a wedding then you'll know how important the small details are and I'm talking even the smallest details - jewellery, makeup, table decorations, photography details and even exact pantones! I got married ten years ago and looking back I realise who caught up in those details a bride can get. 

The something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue hype to someone who isn't getting married is just that - a quote. Easily ignored or overlooked. To someone getting married, it's everything, no-one wants to chance to jeopardise their impending nuptials. If I was to get married now knowing what I know I would absolutely do it all different. More free-spirited, less structured and in keeping with tradition. 

This collection takes away the stress when choosing nail colours. The blue is perfect for that 'something blue' and if it is purchased for the bride as a gift then it would absolutely fit into the 'new, borrowed or blue.' The collection consists of four delicate, slightly shimmery polish colours that will glisten in the sun. The shimmery quality works well with most wedding dress materials working with the material rather than against it will ensure any wedding ring photography or photos doesn't leave everyone staring at your nails rather than your smile. 

The shades are... 

Got Engaged! // Nude pink with teeny silver shimmery sparkles. 
Love Every Minute // Coral with a hint of strawberry red. 
Meet The Parents // Chambray blue. 
She Said Yes // Delicate white with teeny silver shimmery sparkles. 

These will vary in price depending on where you purchase. Boots typically sell Essie for £7.99 which is fab as they do have bargains on periodically. What do you think of these shades? Are you getting married this year? 


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