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Father's Day // Gift Guide - Celebrate Your Dad

We've had Mother's Day and now it's Father's Day's turn. Sunday June 15th marks the day for all daddies and father figures and I honestly think you should put in just as much respect, care and attention to your dad as you do your mum (if applicable). My dad's no longer with us as he passed away nine years ago now but I wish he was so I could show my love. 

I know he knew he was loved but having my sons made me realise I could have done certain things differently - asked him how he was getting on more, surprising him with little tokens that show him how loved he was as well as visiting and calling more. We did have some traditions however such as always saying goodnight to each other - even when I was grumpy and all they got was a quick and snappy 'night!' Each morning as I left for school I always (without fail) gave my dad a kiss on the cheek goodbye - he always did they same as he said you never knew when you're time was up and having regrets wasn't worth it. Again I was a terrible morning person and sometimes it was a quick kiss and 'bye' as I stomped out of the door - I laugh now but I'm glad I swallowed my ego and continued on the tradition daily as I now do this with my sons. 

Price shouldn't really come into it when buying or making a gift as long as it shows you care. You can spend 1p or thousands and it should have the same effect. Here's my top (price variable) gift guide to help you along the way...

Father's Day Wishlist

H&M T-Shirt | Bike Chain Bracelet | Full English Biscuits | Pint of Beer Sweeties | Pro Fitness Dumbell Set | Slendertone Abs | Panasonic Smart TV | Lacoste L!ve Fragrance | Armani Aviators | Lacoste Cap | Nike Roshe Trainers | Regions of Scotland Whisky Tasting Set | Jawbone Up Fitness Band | Ipod Touch | Breaking Bad Glow Bobble Head 

I know my dad would have been all over that Full English Breakfast biscuit set and the Whisky gift set - he was a huge whisky lover. Hubster loves the trainers and Lacoste anything (he does give tracksuit wearing a miss, however) and has been randomly asking about the Slendertone and if I felt it would actually work (answers on a postcard). 

If you're not ready for planning your Father's Day gift then I recommend this awesome vlog, it shows a dad and daughter lip syncing to Fancy...

Amazing eh! 

What does your dad like? Do you make a big fuss or celebrate quietly? 


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