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Happy Birthday // Another Year Gone By

It was my birthday on Sunday (May the 4th) and I have to say I was super spoiled! like seriously spoiled. I typically don't look forward to my birthday because it brings up a lot of emotional hurt from my past and as the day draws closer I do find everything gets a bit harder. I fully expected to not hear from anyone and for no-one to make a big deal out of my birthday, which is how it normally is. 

It may sound like I'm being a bit prissy by expecting people to 'make a deal' out of it but when you have family and friends and no-one cares it hurts - a lot. Normally I'd be lucky to receive a card, telephone call or even social media message from people outside of my immediate house so this year was a huge shock for me. It seems for me now that I'm firmly into my thirties that life is definitely improving, I'm more comfortable with myself, my life and my work than I was even three years ago and that feels good - oh - so - good! for those still in your twenties, you have this to look forward to. 

Hubster and the boys had these gorgeous lilies delivered...

And then they surprised me by buying me a MacBook Air laptop. Normally I'd FREAK out at having that amount spent on me, I'm definitely a saving versus splurging type of woman but his argument was that I'm always on the laptop so why not buy me an awesome one. As for the awesomeness of the MacBook Air, it's still debatable. The laptop is different from my Toshiba and it took me ages to realise that I had to click the trackpad to get the cursor to tap haha. I also realise that I can now cut and paste on the Apple by using the CMD + C and CMD + V (doh!) and I can delete by using the CMD & Backspace - these small details make using the Apple so much easier. 

I've not blogged a ton over the weekend for this reason alone, it took me until 4:30am at the weekend to even get an outline done and I had to whip out the Toshiba to finish Sunday's blog post otherwise I'd have been up all day and night. Do you use the Macbook? If so do you have any tips for a newbie? 

Onwards and upwards to graceful old age *smiles*


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