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L'Occitane | Au Bresil Collection

L'Occitane is really getting into the Summer mood with their latest collections. Due to launch this June we will see the release of the L'Occitane au Bresil collection which consists of three separate collections under the one banner. Although there seems to be another collection under the au Bresil banner which is sold in the USA, the collection 'Mandacaru' seems to not be available in the UK - not sure if this will change.  

The first up is the Vitoria Regia Day Flower collection which consists of a fragrance made of gardenia, Vitoria amazonica and lily of the valley notes - this fragrance comes in both a 100 ml size costing £30 and a 300 ml size costing £39; seems more thrifty to opt for the larger size huh. The shower gel will cost £14, Body Lotion £20 and the Hand Cream £8. 

The Vitoria Regia Night Flower Range fragrance consists of water-hyacinth, lime, peony, musk and sandalwood notes. The fragrance comes in 100 ml which will cost £30 and 300 ml for £39 and a flower soap which costs a teeny £5. 

The last collection is called Jenipapo, look at that incredible packaging! this collection is all about sun protection and you'll find the product fragrance is created with green, floral and fruity notes such as citrus, watermelon and pina colada on a base of lily of the valley; it's a summer scent at it's finest. 

Products in the range consist of SPF15 Sun Care Protecting Body Oil which costs £20, Lip Balm with SPF25 for £9, Face Protection Veil with SPF30 for £26, Body Jelly Milk with SPF20 for £20, Bath & Body Perfume Oil Roll-On for £14.50, Body Lotion for £20 and Shower Oil which costs £14. Phew, that's a lot of product.  

What do you think of these collections? I really want to try all of them especially all of the fragrances - I covet those bottles so badly. They will be available over on the L'Occitane website soon guys.  


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