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Lush // 404 Bath Bomb

I blogged about the ultra-exclusive Lush Error 404 bath bomb here, did anyone manage to find it and get it for free? I did and I was so excited because it's limited and I just have to have anything that's limited - what can I say I'm easily led. 

So it arrived all boxed up and here it is... 

The Error 404 bath bomb was initially described as being a limited bath bomb that was inspired by the Error 404 page we get when making an internet booboo. It's shimmery and golden and the fragrance is described as 'heady notes of rosewood, rose, geranium and ylang-ylang' I was excited! I mean ylang-ylang alone is one of my most favourite notes but factoring in the rose and rosewood, honestly, I was excited. 

Given that it has those notes you'd be forgiven for thinking this was going to be a deep grown up rose scent but it really isn't. My nose smells baby powder for some reason which is absolutely crazy given there are no powdery notes - but it does - and I think I love it even more.  

The bomb is completely glittery, it's wonderful. If you're not a fan of glitter - the glitter on this bomb is so fine you don't have to worry about finding bits of it days later *wink* In the bath it leaves you with bright blue water (with a hint of gold) that smells so fresh and really makes you feel like a goddess. What's not to love? 

As you know these aren't available for purchase but I think I'm going to do a little giveaway next week and an Error 404 bath bomb will be included in the prize - are you excited? I know I am. Did you get your paws on one of these? You can check out Lush's other bombs here if you're now fancying it - and - it looks like these are still FREE! check it out here but be quick! 

Edit: Unfortunately these are all gone!

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