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Lush | Limited Edition May Day Bath Bomb

Lush is launching this cute-ma-Tootie bath bomb for one month only (clocks ticking). The May Day bath bomb has been created to benefit anti-badger projects including SAVE ME which was birthed by Brian May of Queen would you believe. 

I'm a huge animal advocate and hate when I hear about animals being killed, it seems more and more people are sharing animal cruelty posts on Facebook which is great.. kinda (not so great seeing the vivid animals, especially at dinner time) but on the same note, it's the same people who share all of the time that will tuck into a hearty steak or chicken. If you feel strongly about it then do something is my mentality and while I donate to a few animal-focused charities it's always nice to pick up something that will be used and will help a good cause. 

It's described as being a sweet, herbal and sherbet-like fragrance and the bomb contains fennel oil and antiseptic rosewood oil to uplift your mind, body and soul *sigh* I could absolutely be doing with that right now, who's with me? Also how darn cute is that little badger bomb? so cute huh. 

This bath bomb is only available throughout May and will cost £2.95 which is an absolute bargain. The full price (minus the stinky Government's taxes) goes straight to charity so big round of applause to Lush for that, most other companies only send a teeny percentage to charity. You can pick this up right now from the Lush website


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