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MAC Cosmetics // Alluring Aquatic Collection

Coming around the end of May is the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection and first off the packaging! oh the packaging! it's a really gorgeous teal shade which is limited edition - I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty awesome. 

You'll probably guess that there's a definitely sea, ocean and aquatic mythical theme going on with this collection. There's a lot of shimmers and pearls which I'd normally hate but it absolutely works with these deep seducing tones. 

Take a peek... 

Left (top to bottom)

Aphrodite's Shell Bronzer // Golden bronze with a touch of shimmer. 
Delphic Bronzer // Soft brick tone with a touch of shimmer. 

Right (top to bottom)

Seduced at Sea Blush // Mid-tone neutral plum. 
Sea Me, Hear Me Blush // Beige pink. 

Makeup Bag // Wet droplet look makeup bag in aquatic tones. 
Split Fibre Face Brush // Ideal for foundation and blending. 
Split Fibre Eye Shadow Brush // A blenders BFF. 

Top Row (left to right)

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Sun Worship // Tarnished olive. 
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Soul Serenade // Deep plum-brown.
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Legendary Lure // Deep cerulean blue. 

Bottom Row (left to right)

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Lorelei // Golden beige. 
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Fathoms Deep // Deep blue. 
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Silver Sun // Mid-toned sea foam green. 

Lipglass in Clear Water // Sheer nude with multi-faceted pearl. 
Lipglass in Peachstock // Creamy nude. 
Lipglass in Water Deities // Light pink-bronze. 
Lipglass in Seducing Sound // Mid-toned plum-bronze.
Lipglass in Modern Lure // Deep violet with pink pearl.

Lipstick in Siren Song // Sheer pale beige lustre. 
Lipstick in Pet Me Please //  Light shimmery mauve frost. 
Lipstick in Enchanted One // Mid-toned neutral matte pink. 
Lipstick in Mystical // Mid-toned creamsheen creamy rose. 
Lipstick in Goddess of the Sea // Dark vibrant violet creamsheen. 

Lip Pencil in What Comes Naturally // Light nude. 
Lip Pencil in Half-Red // Soft burgundy. 

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line // Black with gold pearl. 
Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Swan // Black with pearl. 

Refined Golden Bronzing Powder // Fine spun golden bronzer with soft pearl. 
Golden Bronzing Powder // Muted golden tan-beige with shimmer. 

Submerged Lacquer // Dark teal with chrome. 
Neptune Lacquer // Tarnished gold. 
Shimmerfish Lacquer // Sparkling aluminum. 

Once launched you'll be able to pick these up from House of Fraser and the MAC Cosmetics website.  What are your thoughts on these? I'm especially loving the eye shadows and liners - the nail lacquers aren't doing it for me though as I'm not a huge shimmer and metallic lover. 

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