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There's not much info on this collection yet but this autumn, MAC Cosmetics will be collaborating with The Simpsons Marge to celebrate the shows the 25th anniversary. Marge is the blue beehive haired matron of the family and her style is iconic - most people can describe how Marge looks when asked so why not create a line around her? 

When dreaming up the perfect Marge and MAC collaboration line you'd absolutely want there to be something as blue as her hair! I'm not sure if MAC will go down the polish, shadow or lipstick route. Her style and beauty is very much primary coloured with the exception of her dress being a delicate sage green - I believe yellow, red, sage green, blue, white and possibly black are the colours that most would expect to see, I wouldn't even hate if they added gold into that line up but as far as what will be what I'm so unsure. 

What I will say is if they do use these shades I doubt this line is going to be wearable to all ages, as much as I would be itching to buy it - and I'd probably still buy it for the Simpsons packaging alone (Please MAC make Simpsons printed packaging) I doubt I'd wear it because my sons would be horrendously embarrassed of me haha. 

There's a small part that thinks they may pull something completely unusual out of the bag. Maybe normal (or as normal as can be given the collaboration) tones with a Simpson's embossing in each of the powders and lipstick bullets? Now that would be AWESOME. I remember when everyone thought Kelly and Sharon's MAC Collaboration was going to be bright and crass but it actually resorted in completely wearable shades that everyone could pull off.  

Unfortunately, the line doesn't launch until September but I'll be keeping my peepers open for any info, if and when I get more on this I'll keep you updated sweeties. What colours and products do you think are going to be available? 


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