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Morgan Taylor | The Royal Life Polish

I've actually had these polishes for a while but realised when tidying the polish collection that I hadn't shown you these beauts. Both are from the Fall 2013 'The Royal Life' collection which was all about the shimmery glitters. I had to get my hands on these after seeing the release because the glitters look amazing on the model's nails. I also had never tried any of the Morgan Taylor polishes before and had heard amazing reviews. 

They arrived quickly and I was really surprised at how substantial they are. No pithy glass with these polishes. They're the right chubby size for holding when applying your polish and the brush ensures you can get the polish on precisely but it just wasn't enough. Here are the swatches...

The two polishes above are: 

To Rule Or Not To rule // Garnet jelly base with magenta glitter pieces in various sizes. 

Regal As A Royal // Royal blue jelly with rich sapphire glitter in various sizes. 

I searched for other swatches of these polishes prior to choosing these two. Other bloggers swatches show the most amazing full coverage, glossy jelly polish with shimmering glitter pieces. Mine-do-not. The swatch above is three coats, I felt that I could have added more coats but the jelly formula would have chipped or slid off the nail very easily due to the jelly coat being quite thick. After a lot of research I found that some bloggers were applying their polishes over a similar coloured polish base which is why it looks full coverage *doh* 

I think that these would have been better over another base coat but they do remind me of Models Own Goth polishes and I wasn't a huge fan of those either. I have since seen other Morgan Taylor polishes that are similar but the glitter pieces are silver or holo - these seem to look more shimmery and don't have the jelly formula so I will try those out before making a final decision. 

You can pick up your own Morgan Taylor polishes from Sally Express, they're on sale too!


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