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Most Reached For // May

I feel like I've not posted a most reached for, for ages. I was taking a bath a few nights back and sat wondering if I had blogged about the products I was using, I realised I probably hadn't and then kinda kicked myself because I use these products every night. 

There's not many to be honest and they are all skincare and bodycare because I'm avidly trying to improve *that* situation. My skin's definitely changing recently, with hormones, my colitis is affecting my skin and my allergies - my neck looks like it's been fried when in fact it really hasn't. My skin feels really raggy and bumpy which isn't overly visible but I can feel it. It's as though my pores are all blocked and I've tried exfoliating and hydrating multiple times a day - most products break me out in a rash but these have been my skincare and body care saviours recently. 

First up is the body care...

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash // (posted here) You only need a little of this lotion like wash to really clean all over. It has a gorgeous natural citrus scent and it's by Weleda, what's not to love? 

Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser // (review hereRuby Red create natural but effective body care products such as this Lime, Mandarin and Cedarwood cleanser. It smells so natural and has a unisex, fresh, herbal scent which my husband and I adore. It contains no nasties such as SLS, parabens or petrochemicals and has Aloe Vera added to really soothe the skin rather than strip it of it's natural - beneficial oils. 

Premae Balance Rescue Face Wash // (review here) It doesn't have the most fancy packaging granted, but it does contain a product that really works so well with my oily-combination skin type. 

And my haircare... 

Trevor Sorbie Colour Enhance Oil // (review here) Argan oil at it's best. It really gives my hair the softness and healthy shine it needs. It absorbs quickly, never leaves my hair greasy looking or overworked and smells incredible. Absolutely love this product. 

Vosene 2-in-1 Shampoo // I've included so many bottles of shampoo over my 'empties' posts but what you'll find is for every designer bottle you'll find two or three bottles of Vosene. You'll have noticed I rarely (I can't remember the last time) blog about shampoo's simply because most break my scalp out in big weeping sores (celiacs - wheat products and by products) or leave my hair lank, dull and lifeless. I've found even the ''designer'' shampoo's fall flat on their claims so if you know of one, suitable for thin, combination hair please give me a shout out (Twitter in the right hand column of the blog). 

And my body care and face care...

Salcura Body Hydrator // This lotion is incredible. It's been my go to source of hydration when my allergies got really bad, when most vegan or natural skincare cause big welts and allergy rashes - it's also soothed my sons skin through sunburn (he's photosensitive) and uncomfortable tight skin. It's soothed my husbands dry tootsies and my eldest sons dry patches. What I did find is that this lotion helped reduce the look of my acne pretty quickly, granted it keeps coming back but this helps for sure. I love having a go to product that's suitable for all five of us from five years old to thirty two years old. 


Statement: Mixed - some PR and some purchased by myself

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