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Nails Inc // Alexa Chung Collaboration

Nails Inc are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and to celebrate they announced Alexa Chung - queen of hipsters as their brands face. I love Alexa as she's so kooky but comfortable with it, she's more awesome than Kate Moss in my opinion. 

The main image above is a photograph taken by resound photographer Rankin shows Alexa lying on a bed of kale. Yes, kale. The superfood inspired a product called Nailkale as shown in the image which is a product that set for release 'hopefully' around the same time as the Alexa collection. Nailkale is a superfood - super - nutritious base coat that is absolutely formulated with the green leafy vegetable. I think this product intrigues me more than any other collection has so far this year as I'm a big fan of the humble leaf and have absolutely seen how beneficial it is when you add it to your diet (and smoothies and juices in particular) so would love to see the beneficial changes it makes to the nails. 

Alexa's Nails Inc fabric collection consists of six polishes. You'll notice that the bottles are different and remind me of the gel effect polishes but cubed - there's no street names either with these ones as they're named after Alexa and the fabric they're inspired by. 

Shades include...

Alexa Lace in Red // Pinky-red tiny glitter particles. 
Alexa Cashmere in Mink // Warm matte nude mink created with pure glass pearls to give a true cashmere finish. 
Alexa Silk in Black // Similar to the leather with a satin finish. 
Alexa Leather in Black // Matte black leather effect. 
Alexa Sequins in Black & Gold // Inspired by Alexa's favourite evening dress this is made with black and gold sequins... go figure! haha. 
Alexa Camouflage // Green and nude metallic and matte particles. 

These are slightly more expensive than the usual bottles of Nails Inc which typically cost £11 and £12 - these will cost £15 each although they're launching a limited edition Red Lace in the typical Nails Inc bottles in June for £12. Once these launch in August you'll be able to pick them up from the Nails Inc website

What are you're thoughts on this collection and not forgetting the new bottles? I likey. 

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