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Nails Inc // Festival Polishes

More polishes from Nails Inc - see why I adore this brand so much? The Festival collection consists of glitters and brights because nothing says festival like a bit of shimmer and colour. 

The glitter polishes have been reformulated with a new base, the background tone is a sheer tone so when the glitter is applied you're left with a full coverage glitter with a glossy finish. Couple those glitters with the bright tones and you're ready to go - I'd absolutely recommend using both of the brights because clashing summer tones are gorrr-jus! 

Take a peek at what's available...

Isle of Wight // Limited edition silver and white glitter blend with pastel highlights. 

Glastonbury // Limited edition rainbow polish on a base of sheer black. Tiny glitter pieces. 

Hyde Park // Bright glossy orange-red.

Sloane Street // Glossy bright pink. 

Imagine how amazing it would be if they included matching full coverage bright glitters in the pink and orange shade? I would be all over that as I adore clashing pink, orange and reds - there's something very boho about those shades. You can catch these over on the Nails Inc. website just now, the glossy colours are £11 and the glitters are £12. 


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