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Nails Inc // Garden Party Collection

Another mini collection by Nails Inc - welcome to the Garden Party Collection. The collection consists of three polishes with a matte and metallic glitter formula, the difference between this collection and many of the other Nails Inc glitters is that these shades are pastels. 

Normally I'd be all over it as I adore Nails Inc. Taking away the cute packaging and marketing this collection feels very same old for me. Larger hexagonal glitter mixed with smaller dot glitter, a mixture of both shiny and matte glitter pieces - it's basically Modern Art but pastels and a sheer version of Special Effects. 

The available shades are....

Portobello Gardens // Pastel blue. 
Westbourne Gardens // Pastel pink. 
Princes Gardens // Pastel green.  

Each of the polishes costs £12 and are available right now on the Nails Inc. website if you fancy them, I feel like I'm cheating the brand because I'm such an avid follower and typically adore all innovations that they put out (with the exception of the Beaded Polish - yuck!) but these just aren't pinging my interest sadly. 

What are your thoughts on these? 


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