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Nails Inc // Preen Collaboration

Nails Inc are in full collaborative mode this Summer, this time it's a collaboration with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi who has developed a four polish capsule collection. The collection is due to launch next month and includes the following shades...

Deco Cuts // Multi-coloured cut squares
Atlantic Powder // Powder blue
Miami Hot // Candy pink
Florida Cora // Pink-coral

The polish bottle will come in individual boxes and the caps will be silver and etched with the geometric print that's become iconic with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. I know it's such a small change, etching the caps but I really love those caps. I'm not a huge diamante type of gal' with the custom bedazzled caps but this cap - I love. I wish Nails Inc offered more cap designs if I'm being truly honest as it would pull me in to purchase, I'm weak when it comes to those types of things. 

Each polish will cost £12 which is pretty standard for 'specials' - typically it's the fancy finishes or glitters that cost £12 and the standard polish colours are £11. I think this collaboration has been priced really fairly especially in comparison to the Alexa Chung and Nails Inc collab. What are you're thoughts on the price differences? 

You'll be able to pick these up on the Nails Inc website once launched. Will you be rushing to purchase these? I'm not sure I'll be hot footing it but if I do change my mind the glitter and the Florida Cora are right up my alley. 


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