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Nails Inc | Seven Polishes For Under £20!

I love these on-spot deals they do. Nails Inc have launched their Lucky Dip again as a Friday treat, I'll not ramble on hugely but basically, they send you a surprise mix of seven full-sized polishes which would total over £77 if bought separately. 

I've purchased these lucky dips a few times and initially presumed that I'd be sent the crap, the shades that never really took off or the ones that have been pulled from the main catalogue - I was wrong. I received colours that were really new, neon's when they had been released, crackles when they were 'in' and glitters and amazing finish polishes. 

Instead of paying £77+ (it would be £77 if you were just receiving basic colours, current polishes and textures, generally cost £1 or £2 more than the standard polishes) you can get your seven polishes for only £19.50 for TODAY only. Head to the Nails Inc website to grab this limited bargain - who's in? I'm hopping over right now. 

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