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Nanshy // Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

I've talked about the need to be considerate to your body and what products you put on and in it, I won't talk your ear off again about it because I realise that my particular thoughts and feelings towards living a cruelty free and ethical way of life are and will be different from others - I'm no preacher however, I do continue to show you awesome products that work as well if not better than their non-cruelty free counterparts so that you can make up your own mind. 

Today's cruelty-free product comes in the form of makeup brushes from a brand I just recently came across called Nanshy. I love finding new brands that allow me to indulge but in a way that makes me happy, makeup brushes typically are made with goat, squirrel, pony and even badger hairs, just so we can apply some makeup to our faces - I know most people don't think about the process of their products because these products have been a part of our lives for so long and they've become the 'norm' but when you stop and take a moment and challenge the 'norm' you come to realise that whether these animals are killed or not there's a huge chance they're being treated with cruelty. Caged. Plucked and goodness knows what else, chances are the hair removal process is only the tip of the iceberg for these poor animals. 

Some will now be thinking, 'surely animal hair is better than synthetic hair? you can never get a flawless base with synthetic.' My response is that you'd be wrong, oh-so-wrong. Real hair is porous just as human hair is and because of that, they absorb more bacteria than their synthetic competition. Yes using professional brushes will give you a professional makeup application, using real hair will leave you prone to acne, spots and bacterial infections. 

The Nanshy brushes I have pictured above is the five-piece foundation brush set. This set comprises of five kabuki brushes each with a white pearl handle, these are chunky brushes so are never going to be good for applying eyeshadow but that doesn't mean they're limited to purely foundation application - let me show you why... 

Fluffy Angled Buffer // This is the perfect brush for applying delicate highlights to your face, bronzers, highlighters and hints of colour. If you're into Kim Kardashian contouring then this is the perfect finishing brush to soften each of those colours so they're blended to perfection. 

Flat Angled Buffer Brush // For me, this is the PERFECT brush for applying colour to the face such as deeper bronzers, blushers and highlighters especially to the chest and shoulder area. It's also perfect for applying foundation to the larger areas of the face. 

Pointed Brush // The product-specific brush for getting into nooks and crannies. If you suffer from dry and flaky areas then use this brush to blend, blend, blend until everything smooths itself right out. 

Round Buffer Brush // Fluffy, soft and flawless. This brush is great also for blushers as well as applying tinted moisturiser, mousse foundations and even bronzers. It's similarly a great finishing brush and my youngest son Rome loves it for tickling his face with.   

Flat Top Buffer Brush // This works pretty much in the same way as the flat top version and it definitely picks up more colour, because of that it's excellent for blushers etc but it's also an excellent foundation blending brush. 

Nanshy brushes are a healthier option, fewer bacteria, less animal cruelty and they work so well. I didn't have any bristle fall out (has happened with every single other brand I've used with the exception of Eco Tools) and they're very easy to wash, after washing they maintain their original shape because the brush heads are packed with synthetic hairs. My favourite from the set is the round-topped buffer brush which I use daily. 

If you're looking for some new brushes I absolutely recommend Nancy. I use this set more than any of my other branded brushes and yes that includes Eco Tools and Real Techniques. You can pick up your own set for £29.95 (including delivery) from Amazon UK or pick up the individual brushes if you're only looking for one or two, also on Amazon. 


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