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Nars // Dual Intensity Eyeshadows

Nars Dual-Intensity eyeshadows will be hitting the shops around late summer and going on the four shades picture that is due to be launched, I have to say this collection is going to be popular. The collection launches in July in the states but for some reason, this screams late summer to me. The tones are getting less neon at that point, a bit more glowing with some shimmer and much more muted than early summer tones. 

The collection will feature twelve eyeshadows in a range of iridescent, shimmery, metallic and pearl finishes in the iconic Nars packaging. The shadows can be worn both wet and dry and Nars specifically had these reformulated so that they offer great payoff regardless of what application method you choose. 

And here's the shade rundown...

Andromeda // Alabaster.
Callisto // Icy pink-silver. 
Cassiopeia // Iridescent electric pink. 
Dione // Metallic beige-champagne. 
Desdemona // Rich shimmering burgundy. 
Europa // Gossamer pinky-peach. 
Giove // Navy. 
Lysithea // Shark tale grey. 
Phoebe // Deep shimmering amethyst. 
Himalia // Shimmering topaz. 
Subra // Black orchid. 
Sycorax // Deep black. 

I'm not a huge shimmery, metallic kinda woman but you know, I really want to try these out. I do feel these shades are more suited to early autumn but in the UK it's kind of like autumn at that stage, isn't it? I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this collection? 


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