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Natural Birthing Company | Bosom Buddies All-In-One Gift Set

The Bosom Buddies line was created by The Natural Birthing Company with the help of midwives, the collection aims to tackle the skin problems faced in pregnancy such as stretching and growing skin, stretch marks and the sudden changes in temperature that can come on in a minute or so out of nowhere. I've had three sons and wished I was more educated in the 'real' changes that the body goes through when pregnant rather than what others will lead you to believe. Honestly, I went into pregnancy totally naive and because of my naivety my body was affected but everything happens for a reason huh. 

The collection is naturally based and includes the following products...

Cool, It Mama // The heat that's felt in pregnancy is similar to a menopausal heat flush - when you're already struggling for breath and your facing warm heat it can lead to panic attacks, fainting and all-round stress.  Cool, It Mama body spritz immediately cools, soothes and revives the face and body. It contains orange blossom floral water and pure essential oils such as menthol to give that instant cooling effect. It's also recommended to pop this in the fridge prior to use to really benefit from the chill factor.  

Down Below // Especially in first pregnancy the perineum area (the bit in between your hoo haa and your bottom) is very tough, after all, it's never needed to stretch and because of this most first pregnancies face certain problems. The perineum area ideally will thin and stretch making the birthing process easier and problem-free, if it's not then C-sections and episiotomies may be necessary to get baby out safe and sound. However... applying an oil-based product such as Down Below to the area especially in the last six weeks helps to improve the stretch of the skin to stop tearing and perineal damage when in labour. I used my own homemade oil in my last pregnancy and it absolutely helped but who wants something you made yourself when you can treat yourself to a lush product such as this? 

Blissful Tincture // After birth Blissful Tincture helps to heal and soothe perineal aches, stitch pain and even bruising down below. If you suffered from haemorrhoids before pregnancy you can even pop some tincture on to ease the sting and itch as well as post-partum. The tincture is made with a herbal blend of calendula and hypericum which calm, soothe and help to heal wounds and sores. It's suitable for use in breastfeeding mama's and is the safer option because who wants to chug down painkillers when you're breastfeeding? This can also be used on children for cuts, sores and scrapes - think of it like your little first aid helper in a bottle. 

Bosom Buddies // This little kit is incredible and I really wished it was around when I was breastfeeding, especially with my first son. The kit contains three products to give your boobies some TLC to help you overcome problems which could stop some mama's from continuing feeding their babies. Contained in the kit are two cotton flannels as well as...

- Ooh! // Honestly cabbage leaves do not work! even the hospital dishes out cabbage leaves but when you're engorged (which can lead to mastitis, that is a killer I promise you!) the blend of geranium, peppermint, Cyprus and German chamomile helps to reduce swelling and improve comfort giving you relief when it's most needed. 

- Ouch // Sore nipples are common, especially with first-time feeders. Lavender, neroli, mandarin and frankincense help to soothe and moisturise your nipples so you're not in tears when your baby latches on. Also, scabs on your nipples are never pretty. 

- Aah // Aah helps low milk supply. I actually couldn't feed my third son for longer than a few weeks due to my milk supply drying up - we tried everything but nothing worked and it broke my heart. Aah contains fennel, lemongrass and mandarin which helps to enhance milk supply so that you don't have to stop like I did. 

While this doesn't relate to me and never will (sterilised) I know there are lots of you lovelies all waiting to become mummies and daddies. I seriously recommend this brand because of the product range, natural and safe ingredients and it's creator credentials. If you know someone who's newly pregnant or due to give birth this would make an excellent baby shower gift, otherwise, I fully recommend treating yourself - you can pick this gift set and many others up from the Natural Birthing Company website.

So....... Who's having a bambino? 


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