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OPI // Cocoa-Cola Collaboration UK & US UPDATE!

Who remembers the OPI and Cola collaboration post I published back in February? If you don't you can catch it here but I did say I would update you. I think by the end of that post we had a real guessing game on our hands as to what colours would be getting launched - I have that info for you lovelies now *squeee* 

My original guesses were... 
  • Diet Coke // Silver
  • Coca-Cola // Red 
  • Cherry Cola // Cherry Pinky Red
  • Fanta // Orange 
  • Vanilla Cola // Nude-beige 
  • Coke Zero // Black 

The US collection consists of nine polishes and the only thing I'm not 100% sure of is if the UK collection will have the exact same polishes as we don't have the same drinks, such as Grape Fanta.  

What are your initial thoughts? Are some stand outs or do you feel pretty 'meh' about this collection? Personally I love the red, I love the nude, pink, I like the glittery orange tone but don't love it - but the rest I could easily leave. 

The US and hopefully the UK shades are: 
  • Coke Light ♥ My Signature is DC // My initial impression? This shimmery silver is just 'write'!
  • Fanta Grape ♥ A Grape Affair // Make a big to-do in this deepest, darkest purple. 
  • Coke Zero ♥ Today I Accomplished Zero // Dramatic black with red sparkle. 
  • Vanilla Coke ♥ Sorry I'm Fizzy Today // Do Not Disturb... I'm enjoying this creamy, smooth pink. 
  • Vanilla Coke ♥ You're So Vain-illa // I bet you think this creamy nude is all about you. 
  • Cherry Coke ♥ Get Cherried Away // Seriously, this black cherry is over-the-top gorgeous!
  • Sprite ♥ Green On The Runway //This uncut-lime green makes a real fashion statement. 
  • Fanta Orange ♥ Orange You Stylish! // Glitter to the max in this juicy orange explosion!
  • Coca-Cola ♥ Coca-Cola Red // Classic red - always in style, always perfect. 

So I wasn't that far off was I? how did you fare in the guessing game? I got them all right with the exception of the pink tone - I put cherry pinky-red and it's a bit lighter isn't it. 

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