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Orly | Rich Renewals Collection

Next month Orly is launching a new nail care range called Rich Renewal. This collection consists of exfoliating scrubs, creams; these products are created with natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, vitamins A and E which all help to provide your skin with improved skin elasticity and a youthful healthy glow. 

The formula is non-greasy and was formulated to absorb quickly into the skin which is fantastic because no-one wants to use a thick oily product that takes ages to absorb, I've seen me having to wipe off creams before because they just sit on the skin. The collection comes in four varied fragrances which are...

Passion // Floral notes of neem and feijoa. 
Paradise // Lychee and pomegranate. 
Pucker // Papaya and grapefruit. 
Pretty // Spiced vanilla and white tea. 

They will launch on June first and will be priced at £5.50 for the standard 2 oz size or £15.50 for the larger 8 oz. Once launched you will be able to pick these up from Beauty Bay and  Graftons Beauty.


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