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Paul & Joe // Latest Offerings

Paul & Joe beauty have some new releases guys, the first products are these cute lip glosses and cheek colours which are apart of the Ice Cream Parlour collection. The second product is the Smoothing Body Oil. 

The Ice Cream Parlour range consists of three lip glosses (£18) in Strawberry Syrup, Orange Pineapple and Caramel Ribbon. The Triple Cheek Colours (£21) also comes in three variations which are Berry Berry Sundae, Chocolate Mint Gelato and Orange Sorbet - these are made with white lily extract, rosemary extract, orange flower water and jojoba oil so they're going to smell amazing and be really beneficial for your tender skin. 

The Smoothing Body Oil is available right now and also costs £21. The light-weight oil was formulated to absorb quickly leaving you with a silky smooth finish rather than a heavy sticky oil slick. Ingredients include orange oil, rosehip oil (amazing anti-ageing oil), lavender oil, organic jojoba oil as well as rosemary and sage extract. These ingredients help to promote blood circulation which is going to help reduce cellulite, it's going to energise your skin giving you a youthful glow. 

ASOS is my go-to place for everything Paul & Joe and as much as I love the sound of these, I'm not sure I'd be parting with my hard earned for the Ice Cream Parlour Collection. Maybe it's due to not being a huge lip gloss fan? However, the oil sounds incredible and it looks so pretty - that's one thing you can't really complain about is Paul & Joe's keen eye for amazing packaging. 

What are you're thoughts? Are you excited by the cheek and lip colours? 

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  1. The lip products are SO cute! They remind me of some that Avon did years ago xx


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