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PJ Pan // Stardust PJ & Leisure Bottoms

PJ Pan launched in 2008 and are based in the Scottish Highlands - I love to support UK based companies especially Scottish ones because, well, I'm Scottish *haha*. The initially started trading because they wanted to offer stylish pyjamas that were different from what the high street were offering. Over the last six years in the business PJ Pan have established themselves as a leader in luxury nightwear that's affordable to all budgets. Do you ever get sick and tired of buying affordable nightwear for it to bobble or look ugly after a few washes because I certainly do. 

I do love a bit of luxury in my life, the little things that are useful but not run of the mill. For me it tends to be materials that make products luxe rather than the brand name they carry - cashmere, high thread count cottons, embellishments, embroidery, delicate lace, satin and silk - these luxe materials have been favourites for many years and for a very good reason - they're made to last, feel amazing on the body and give the owner that feel good factor.  

In all honestly I am a leisure wear girl for the most part - I love wearing my luxe PJ bottoms while tidying, relaxing and even doing yoga. The ladies of the street think nothing of popping over to each others houses in our PJ bottoms for a chin-wag and a cup of coffee, I do participate but I still like to look good, PJ's, a crisp vest and a dainty kimono on nice days is my leisurewear outfit of choice. We're so classy eh. 

I ummed and ahh'd over which pair of PJ bottoms to choose from their range as I instantly fell for all variations of check and tartan on offer. I finally settled on the Stardust design which is cotton full-length bottoms with a pink and purple-blue check. I was worried about the length because I am petite - very petite with only a 29'' leg but I needn't have worried as these were long but they didn't trail. 

I also worried about them being too restrictive, call me crazy but I like my PJ's to move and expand so I can get a good nights sleep. I'm definitely someone who could master yoga while dreaming, I get into some crazy sleep positions just ask my husband - my legs up at my chin, my arms are all over the place and I do on occasion like to starfish even when hubster is in bed! Restrictive PJ's would stop that causing broken sleep and anyone who knows me will tell you that's n-e-v-e-r a good thing because the grumpster comes out to play. 

Who else has worn new PJ's and ended up stripping in the middle of the night because they're too uncomfortable? Well, these PJ Pan bottoms stayed on all night because they're roomy, the cotton ensures your warm but don't over heat and you can do all the star fishing you want without waking up. 

I did plan to photograph these in better light but it was raining, if I can get better light I'll snap a clearer pic of these - when I wear these out in the garden or for coffee with the ladies no-one bats an eyelid and for me that's always a positive sign. The Stardust design costs £38 (money well spent I assure you) and are available on the PJ Pan website. They come in a range of sizes from extra small to extra large and they plan to release a range for the taller ladies this year, as well as a silk range *excited* 


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