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Premae Balance Rescue Wash Gel // Hero Product!

I was kindly asked if I wanted to review this Premae Balance Rescue Face Wash from Baobella Boutique and of course I said yes. Typically I turn down more and more product review opportunities these days but this I couldn't say no to this because I was having major skincare woes, especially so when Baobella asked if I wanted to review it. Honestly Premae Balance Rescue range wasn't a brand that I had ever tried or heard of and I was intrigued. I was attracted by it's natural attributes and that it was especially suited to those with skincare woes. 

My initial  thoughts of the product was that it was created by an indie homegrown brand, the label itself was slightly disappointing because it looked as though it was created on a home laptop - nothing wrong with that however I was after all going to be reviewing the product and not solely the packaging. 

The face wash gel is made with only a few ingredients such as - ginger oil, aloe and lemongrass. The fragrance is very much a a water type of scent due to the aloe ingredient and I can smell a hint of the fresh lemongrass once it's applied, it's very light, fresh and not in your face which is fantastic for those who do break out with perfumes or synthetic ingredients. It's suited to oily and combination skin but honestly I do think even the most sensitive skins could benefit from this as it's really gentle on the skin 

The formula is less gel like and more fluid, I suppose it reminds me of aloe vera gel and how it's more of a water gel consistency rather than hair gel. It's recommended that you use a teaspoon's worth of the product but I just used two to three pumps to cover my whole face, neck and chest area. I actually applied it like a mask (a thin layer) and left it to sit for around five minutes while I tidied up my eyebrows or washed my hair. 

I then 'cleansed' by using my fingertips in a circular motion all over until I knew my troubled areas had been deep cleaned - I typically end up worse with products that have exfoliants as though my blocked pores get irritated at being cleansed or moved in any sort of way. I found that my skin was grateful for the gentle deep clean and nipped itself back in to shape fairly quickly. Actually so much so I was able to come off my month long prescription of antibiotics! *yay* Once the spots were gone I found my skin was balanced for longer, I wouldn't wake up with an oily t-zone and I didn't need to reapply my makeup midday. 

Overall I love this product - like seriously love it. I can forgive the poor label design because the product formula makes up for this over and over again. You can pick up your own wash gel as well as lots of other cut price skincare and beauty products from the Baobella Boutique website. Their deal of the day also goes live each night around midnight if any of you night owl's are still up? 

Have you shopped on their website? Have you tried Premae Skincare before? 

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog post on our Balance Rescue Face Wash,
    We hope it continues to keep your trouble skin at bay.

    Clare - Founder, Premae Skincare


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