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Rituals | Mini Haul

So I'm addicted to Rituals. It's the only brand I feel I should be faithful to and the only brand that I will own every single product - I will! it's my aim. I know there are thousands who feel an affinity to certain brands such as Benefit, Lush, Too Faced etc but for me it's Rituals. 

As a bohemian type of woman I'm all about holistic products, yoga and zen and I am currently doing my yoga teacher training (just passed my first test - go me!), I am and have been all of my life a pagan which earth-based religion/lifestyle and to really follow the way of life you have to be in touch with the alternative for sure. I'm a crystal collector, reiki believer and I have said namaste and love and light to plenty of people. You can imagine why I'd be drawn into this brand. For those not in the know Rituals stock a range of products that are created with alternative therapies in mind. Therapies and practices such as the traditional Hamman baths as well as other popular Eastern traditions such as yin and yang and the Tao.

I've blogged about previous purchases such as the Sacred Fire Candle, Happiness Scrub, Under A Fig Tree Fragrance Sticks and more, this time I wanted to show you guys what I picked up in my last mini haul. Expect plenty more haul posts as I have all of the items on the header image on my wishlist. I'm intrigued by the eyeshadow and the car fragrance (the long wooden block at the bottom) as I've yet to try anything in those ranges. 

Ayurveda Chakra Water // Hydrating bed and body mist. Can be used as a light, uplifting fragrance or sprayed directly onto clothing, bedding and textiles. Fragrance notes include Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey with soft breeze like notes - overall this scent is very feminine, warm and inviting and it feels so cool and light on the skin. This Chakra Water does not stain textiles either so you really can envelop yourself in this uplifting fragrance. 

Happy Mist // Formulated without alcohol, Happy Mist is definitely energising and uplifting - it really does revitalise energy levels which makes you happy (or makes me happy??). Notes include Mandarin and Yuzu, although this is created with citrus notes it's much more complex and is so hard to describe. I adore this scent more than the others. Just like the Chakra Water, this can be used on bodies, bedding and linen without staining or causing reactions. 

Himalaya Scrub // This scrub is sealed with a foil cover to ensure the ingredients are kept fresh - no-one likes rancid fragrance notes *shudders* lucky, that foil really seals in every note and ingredient, because as soon as you peel it back you are hit with the most amazing unisex fragrance! even hairy boy asked what candle I had on because he liked it haha (he associated strong fragrance with candles as we don't use air sprays). The scent is very similar to the shower gel below and slightly similar to the Chakra Water if I'm being honest, they're gorgeous used together as you really benefit from the layering effects. 

Ingredients include prehistoric crystal salts - yes really, prehistoric! these alone purify and harmonise your body, getting rid of any nasty toxins and build up as well as cellulite - this is a perfect thigh scrub ladies and gents. 

Shanti Shower Oil // Soothing shower oil that turns into a foaming creamy wash when it touches water making your bath and shower a delight. Ingredients include sweet almond oil which hydrates and soothes even sensitive skins and Indian Rose which gives a feminine scent which leaves you feeling confident and ready for what's to follow. 

Rituals sell everything from fragrance, baby products, sun care, home fragrance, tea and even yoga clothing. You can check out their ranges including the latest Ayurveda range on the Rituals website. Have you tried any of their products? Their candles are super strong and unique for anyone who adores a strong scented candle - these are more fragranced than Yankee for sure. 


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  1. I am completely obsessed with rituals also and being from the US where no stores are close to try the different scents, it's nice to see reviews from someone who has tried the products. Yogi Flow shower foam is my favorite so far and I've just ordered the Mandy Lular foam and a couple perfumes as well. Nothing from them has been less than amazing so far :)


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