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Shade Station // Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunnies!

I have been coveting the Clubmaster Ray-Ban sunglasses for ages after seeing them on nearly every celebrity, such as the ones pictured above. I love the classic shape and how they'll last through many seasons without going out of style. Not many of my friends understood my love for the Clubmaster especially since the Wayfarer is still pretty huge right now, but once I set my sites on something it's very hard for me to let go. The only thing that's stopped me from purchasing my own pair, online in the past was not knowing where to go that's reputable and trustworthy. 

I noticed that a few of my favourite bloggers and online personalities had got Ray-Ban's from Shade Station so I thought I'd check it out to see if they stocked my must have Clubmaster shades which thankfully they did and in lots of variations. 

Here's my gorgeous-gorgeous sunnies... 

This style is the Clubmaster RB3016 and is black on the outside and 'pink' on the inside. Although I'd probably disagree with the pink statement as they're really more of a plum or aubergine on the inside as you can see above. The lens is a graduated grey tone which looks black outside but not overly black that you're left looking like a poser. 

That's what I love about these sunnies is that they can be worn with every outfit, they can be worn in bright sunlight and on dark cast days and no-one is overly drawn to you because they're not huge,they're not brightly coloured, they're not made of current season plastics or rubbers and they're not garish in any way shape or form. They're really just flattering, classic sunglasses that look grown up. 

Here are the sunnies on! apologies for the iPhone 4 quality pictures, expect no more of these as I did get the MacBook for my birthday - I seriously hate iPhone camera pictures as they're so grainy. Picture aside you can see how these have a slight cat eye shape to them, I'm a woman who has a large forehead - there's no doubting that and I'm very much aware of it. I find that the typically oversized glasses with the straight tops emphasise the width of my forehead and just don't do me any justice. 

Glasses that dip slightly or point outwards from the face (such as the cat eye shape or almond shape) suit my face shape better than round, square and straight frames. This style would also suit larger egg shapes, heart shapes and oval face shapes with large foreheads extremely well as it draws the eyes outwards rather than upwards. I'd steer clear if you have a small head, or have a round face with a small or average sized forehead as they're going to look awkward - I'd absolutely recommend the Wayfarer if you fall into the latter category. 

My sunglasses arrived with the case, the box and everything that you would expect to receive, the delivery was super quick and the glasses feel substantial in the hand rather than thin, plastic and fly away as you'd expect with lower priced brands. These retail around £135 but are sold for £114.75 on the Shade Station website.  This style is marketed towards men but as you can see from the celeb board above they are absolutely unisex *stamps foot firmly on the ground* I just don't get how they can market this type of product towards one gender when it's obviously unisex - do you agree? 

There are lots of variations and colours such as tortoiseshell, green lenses, polarised lenses, orange frame, red etc... I'd absolutely recommend Shade Station for designer glasses and I will be using them again for sure. I really want to add to my collection and think I may have an eyewear addition creeping up on me. The styles I really want to add are the Ray-Ban Erika in Velvet Violet (here), Ray-Ban Cats (here) and Michael Kors Paige (here).

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