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Shu Uemura // Drawing Pencils SS14

Shu Uemura is launching a collection of Drawing Pencils for the face of course. Twenty-One shades in four textures - what's not to love? 

Apparently there will be five metallic and pearlescent pencils, two glitter pencils, four brown toned pencils and matte pencils including a white matte pencil which is excellent for the waterline and the corners of the eyes as well as monochrome looks (love a good creamy white pencil! most are not soft enough or pigmented enough to really be pulled off well).  

The finish is said to be highly pigmented, waterproof and smudge proof. Shu Uemura tends to put out exceptional products and I've no doubts that these are going to be anything but exceptional - gliding on smoothly and staying put all day long, win-win. 

There's not much more than that, I think the promo picture above gives a hint as to the colours that will be available, just looking at those I'm hyped up already! that deep purple and the chestnut brown will be mine for sure. I'll keep you posted as more becomes available sweeties. 


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