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Sun, sea, sand, sweating, stress (all the S's) and hormones can all lead to acne - acne doesn't care what age you are or whether you're confident enough to handle them. As a teen I did suffer from the odd hormonal outbreak here and there but nothing that I couldn't handle. I honestly was always proud of my clear skin, it was the one feature that helped my confidence so you can imagine how upsetting it was to find my face full of boils, pimples and spots as a thirty-year-old. 

Adult acne comes on pretty quickly and it's tough to treat because as soon as you think you've got the spots under control, more just crop up! I have tried lots of treatments and products as well as being on antibiotics for a month at a time (lots of months) but nothing has kept them away for huge amounts of time, dammit I just want my healthy skin back. Some products and treatments got rid of the breakouts but really dried up my skin leaving the spots to reappear shortly after, even the antibiotics cleared up my skin only for them to reappear a week after stopping the meds. 

The underlying cause of acne varies but it tends to be the inflammation and bacteria build up that cause pus to become trapped in the pores and acne lesions - this causes the pimples and boils that we typically see, and try to cover up with makeup. The skin contains both bad and good bacteria, it's a misconception that all bacteria is bad for the skin as we need both types to live in harmony so that our skin can stay healthy and youthful-looking. Silver Serum from Skin Shop helps to promote good skin flora as it contains patented silver called MicroSilver which specifically seeks out bad bacteria letting good flora flourish - Yay! 

Silver Serum looks slightly grey-blue (can't really see the tinge from the image) and has a light lotion feeling to it, it absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't sting at all. It remains active on the skin for several hours after application so I did apply it right before bed because I wanted it to work it's magic without me itching or rubbing at my skin. I've only just started this so I can't really say if it's going to clear everything up but I'll definitely update you. 

The statistics are, 70% of patients found their symptoms (inflammation and visible lesions) reduced within 2 weeks. 93% were able to come off medicated treatments and medications over a longer trial period. Honestly, I'm feeling really positive about this given those statistics. Silver Serum costs £12.95 and is available over on the Skin Shop website. 


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  1. Hello, did Skin Shop sponsored this review? I'm trying hard to find an independent review online, but no luck so far. I just bought this product and it doesn't seem to work just yet, maybe I should stick with it a little longer...

    1. It will take a while because your skin flora has to alter - it may even look like it gets worse before it improves and keeping in mind nothing will ever change overnight. T

      his is an independent review and even now I still stick by this product. I do still have breakouts for varying reasons (health and allergies) but the Silver Serum tackles it as and when I need it to extremely well especially with regular use. Along with the Silver Serum you'll need to make changes to resolve the cause of your breakouts - maybe it's a food intolerance or candida issue or simply your hormones etc. Unless the cause is treated the skin preparations will only have a temporary effect.

    2. Thank you so much for your reply. My issue is hormones and there's not much I can do with it really and believe me I've tried everything on Earth. Your review gives me a glimpse of hope!

    3. Not a problem lovely. What I will advise is a 2 supplements that assisted me with my hormone issues (PCOS and Endometriosis) that initially caused my outbreaks is Chaste Tree which is also know as Agnus Castus and Diim (Diindolylmethane) which helps to reduce the hormones which are too high and balance the hormones that are too little. I noticed huge improvements with both but can't recommend them enough. x


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