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Surya Brasil | Amazonia Preciosa Clay Facial Mask

I've used so many clay-based facial and body products over the years because I'm aware that natural clay is fantastic for our skin. Clay helps our skin to detox, clear away the built-up dirt and grime but it also helps to replenish a lack of minerals and vitamins that it may be seriously craving. 

When a product is kept in a dry and natural state it's always going to be fresh when it's used and that's why I typically purchase my own clay's so they can be mixed up at the last moment. I also purchase dried additives to mix with my moisturiser and can't recommend this method enough, I was so happy to find that Surya Brasil offered an ethical face mask that came in a dried format. This is the Clay Mask which is apart of their Amazonia Preciosa collection, there are three masks in this range and this one, in particular, is suited to all skin types. 

The mask is made with a mix of clays such as Amazon white clay (kaolin) which is rich in mineral salts that help to detox toxins from the skin. Pink clay (bentonite) also contains beneficial minerals which help to reduce the effect of free radicals which speed up the signs of ageing in the skin. Other ingredients include Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E,  Organic Assai oil, Macadamia oil and Babassu oils to soften the skin and to provide a protective emollient barrier. 

To use you simply scoop out some of the powder, I scoop it into my left palm; I then mix with some water so it forms a paste. I then apply it as you would any face mask and leave for ten to fifteen minutes, once the fifteen minutes is up I then splash water on my face and using my fingertips make circular motions to really unclog my pores and get the most out of the mask. 

The overall effect is my skin is brighter, more even-toned and I definitely see the pimples that I have clearing up. Older pimples have literally dried up and disappeared which makes me so happy. I adore this product and I adore the packaging too which looks so unusual compared to everything else on the high street. This little label stood out and I had to photograph it because the saying on it is so very true. It says 'If it's good for the planet it's good for you' cute eh. 

Surya Brasil has made sure that these sustainable products contain no parabens, SLS, mineral oil, solvents, fake fragrances, GMO's or any artificial nastiness of any kind. What an awesome company in my opinion. They create many other products including non-allergenic haircare (including dye) which I will be trying out as I cannot use conventional dye's anymore as my head and face break out in sores so I'd recommend this company and especially this range to everyone else, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. 

If you fancy checking out their collection or this product, in particular, you can do so over on Surya Brasil website and Amazon. 


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