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The Body Shop // Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

I recently blogged about The Body Shop's Early Harvest Collection (here) and talked about my need for the body butter especially - it was a serious need which has been now been fulfilled *yay* and honestly it hasn't disappointed. 

The collection launched this month and features a range of products all with a yummy fresh raspberry scent - the collections name came from the raspberries being picked earlier than normal, this was so they retained their awesome antioxidising properties. So I have two products to show you-you're going to love these; I do. 

RASPBERRY BODY BUTTER! The sons say this smells like raspberry fromage frais yogurt and I suppose it does. It's buttery, soft and so fresh. This really does smell like real crushed raspberries. The body butter costs £13 and is my new favourite from all of The Body Shop butter - ever. 

My sons adore the raspberry shower gel because it also has a true raspberry scent that smells very real but less yogurt like. It's strange that they're both iconically raspberry but not 100% the same, I suppose the base in which they come in plays a huge part. Anyhow this is such a huge hit in the Silver household that I get to use this against my sons (parenting 101 right here). They don't get to wash with it unless they've got ready for the bath correctly (putting clothes away in the washing machine, not faffing about or fighting with their brothers, etc) and you know what, it has worked every single time. 

My son came home from school on Tuesday and wanted to go in the bath! he'd had a bath the night before and was due to have one that night (6pm) but nope, he just couldn't wait. I'm not going to argue with that and love that a simple product like this can make such a huge difference. The Shower Gel costs a teeny £4 and we use this every night on five people and there are about three quarters left (2 weeks in) pretty incredible huh. 

The collection includes everything from scrubs, lotion and perfume and if you want to get your mitts body on these products (once you sniff these you'll never look back) you can find the new raspberry body collection at The Body Shop website as well as in store. 


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  1. I smelled this recently in store and agree it's gorgeous! The body scrub looks like jam x

    1. It does eh, I got the blueberry one which looks and smells like jam for sure. Did you purchase any of the raspberry collection? my sons think the body butter smells like Petite Filous yoghurt :) X


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