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Trevor Sorbie | Colour Enhance Hair Oil

Most people are scared of hair oils because typically oil means oily. I know I was one of those persons for years and I was so scared to try hair oils but eventually bit the bullet last year with the Mark Hill Miracoilicious hair oil. I was so scared to try that hair oil that I even waited until the weekend so I didn't have to go out if my hair resembled a chip pan but worry not, my hair really benefited from it, you can catch that review here - Mark Hill Moroccan Argan Oil.

Since then I have tried a multitude of hair oils and have had mixed reviews on them all, none of them has matched the results I got with the Mark Hill oil and I honestly believed that nothing would. Until I tried the Trevor Sorbie Colour Enhance Oil above.  

The Colour Enhance Oil comes in a 50ml pump tube and is formulated with both argan oil and avocado oil which are full of rich amino acids, vitamins and proteins needed for healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. Argan oil has also received so much hype over the last few years but for a very good reason, it's nicknamed 'liquid gold' because it's rich in vitamins and fatty acids but it's really lightweight. Compared to other heavy oils this is so different in texture and viscosity; it's clear so won't tint your hair a dodgy yellow shade and honestly once applied you would never know because you can't feel any weight or oiliness - I actually apply more than the bottle states just to make sure I'm using enough. 

I tend to apply Colour Oil after having a bath when my hair is wet. I wake up in the morning to hair that's soft, shiny and tamed - typically the back of my hair would frizz up but it doesn't when I've applied this the night before. I use three pumps to cover all of my hair but you can use two if you would prefer, keeping in mind I actually have combination hair with oily roots and dry ends if your hair is normal then I'd recommend the one to two pumps of oil. 

Overall I much prefer this oil to any other brand and I doubt that my opinion of this oil will ever change. It feels lighter on my hair than the Mark Hill hair oil does, it also has a delicate scent which I really love because my hair smells fresh without it being overpowering and you really only need a small amount of oil to see a huge difference. It's very affordable at only £7.50 but you can pick this up in the 3 for £12 offer over at Boots right now *bargain*

I will be picking up the other Trevor Sorbie hair oil which is the 'Frizz-Free Shine Oil' to see how that compares. The Frizz-Free version is also the same price, the same colour and has the same aims but it's formulated only with argan oil. The Colour Enhance oil however contains the duo oils which help to push in more hydration and nourishment for hair that's been overworked and over-processed with hair dyes and heated appliances. 

Overall big thumbs up for this hair oil. It's my new BFF! 


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