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I only just found out about the Tropic brand as they're actually taking part in the Manchester OM Yoga Show and MBS (Mind, Body and Soul) Experience on May the 10th and 11th, I so badly wanted to attend but couldn't get any holidays from work *sigh* However I'm still glad that I found this brand because it's really lovely and this Body Smooth Refreshing Organic Polish smells and feels so fresh and natural on the body. 

The Tropic brand's motto is 'Pure, Honest and Effective' they create the most amazingly invigorating skincare products that are all natural. Everything is created in the UK and their products are suitable for vegans as they do not test on animals. I was excited you have no idea, I squeed when Mr Postman brought this and actually shoved this up hairy boy's nose when I opened it because the scent is absolutely incredible. Hubster was not impressed at having a product suddenly shoved up his nose while he made toast but I was seriously hyped up (it was actually really funny, I got scrub on his nose).  

I'm trying so hard to get my legs and body in an as healthy way as possible and I've been so frustrated recently because I seem to be getting allergic to quite a lot of product, because of that and my current poor health I really wanted to strip everything back and improve my health in all areas - products included. My Yoga practice has been ramped up, my diet has been ramped up (bring on the smoothies and juices) and I've also tried to get my dry brushing down at least once a day. This body polish has definitely slotted itself into my new healthier routine with ease and you know what, it's been a delight to use. A few years back I only wanted to use products that had big scrubby bits in it because I really felt that they cleaned my skin far better than smaller scrubby bits - I was wrong. 

Large, harsh scrubs can scratch at the skin as well as remove healthy skin layers *ouch* as a short term option they may be good for those who have a lot of dead skin, as a regular scrubbing product and a product that will be used on sensitive skin parts (arms, stomach, chest etc) you know and I know they're not a feasible option. Smaller scrubs are gentle, really get into the clogged pores to wash away the grime and they do not take off healthy skin (well unless you start scrubbing for a silly amount of time). Factoring in the smaller scrubs as well as the 100% natural ingredients I knew that the Tropic scrub was going to be my best bet. 

Here's a breakdown of those all natural Ingredients...

 Golden Jojoba // Soft, silky and very close to our own skin oil consistency. Golden Jojoba helps to clean clogged pores and balance the skins natural PH levels. 

 Rosehip // One of the best anti-ageing ingredients around and it's natural! Rosehip is chocked full of rich Vitamin A and fatty acids which help to repair and rejuvenate skin cells. Looking for smooth pins for Summer (yup I need to tone mine first but this helps) then this is the scrub for you. 

 Mineral Sea Salts // These are ground to a fine consistency and work at buffing away the dead skin and dirt leaving you smooth and glowing. 

 Australian Macadamia Nut // Rich in Palmitoleic Acid which is seriously the next big thing for 2014. Palmitoleic Acid is a rare source of unsaturated fatty acids which can be found in Sea Buckthorn Berry oils and is excellent at repairing the skin cell membranes and improving elasticity. 

 Vitamin E // It not only works as a natural preservative but it also helps to protect the skin cell membranes against free radicals and oxidation. 

 Eucalyptus & Peppermint // Uplifting and helps to balance skin tone as well as refresh tired legs. 

 Lemon Myrtle & Lime // The citrus scents also help to wake you up, rejuvenate and invigorate your mind and body. The scrub definitely has a sweet citrus scent which is not too overpowering, I typically don't go for citrus scents but this fragrance I love. 

 White Patchouli // Improves texture and regenerates skin cells. I do feel the white patchouli helps to balance the citrus fragrance. 

 Bergamot // The bergamot works in the same way as the citrus, it also has antibacterial properties (as does the other essential oils) that ensure you're skin flora's going to be balanced. 

Seriously recommending this because it cleans extremely well, smooths your pins and stops ingrowing hairs AND I have not had any allergic reactions - the first product for a long time that hasn't caused any sort of rash or symptom. 

You can check out this product and Tropic's other skincare products over on their website. I have my eye on the Warming Mineral Mask because I love that warmth you get from self-heating masks - do you guys love that sensation? 

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