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Weekend // Latest Purchases

I ended up buying a few things on Saturday and normally I wouldn't show you a few things but I had to *smiles* I've recently taken to eating huge amounts of bananas which have basically changed my life - do you want a post on that? If you do let me know. The bananas have seriously changed my health issues, you know the ones that plagued me for years and literally stripped me of my life a few years back, well things have drastically changed, developed and improved to a level I didn't think was possible. Because of my admiration for the humble banana, I saw this bag and got MAJORLY excited! 

It's my H&M banana bag! (found here).  

Fruit prints are going to be huge this summer and I'm starting to see the fruit prints trickle into the high street. Most didn't grab me either because of the material they were made with or the overall shape or style. This cute little shoulder bag however had to come home - it's too cute not too! 

It's made from straw and has an imitation leather strap with a zip closure. It's big enough for your purse, phone and maybe a lipstick but that's about it. It costs £12.99 but depending if you purchase instore or online it maybe cheaper to purchase online due to the many discount codes you can find across the net. Use code 1969 for free delivery and you could try 1440 for 10% off.  

I love maxi dresses and skirts but find they trail too long on the ground. With the hot weather I really wanted a dress that I could slink on and team with everything, I found that dress (found here) at H&M for £14.99. It's described as being a knee-length dress but because of my height it sits lower than the knees; it reminds me of a 1950's style shape when on and the length too - I love it! It has a high elasticated waist with hidden side pockets. 

Honestly I feel really sexy in this, it skims my curves, flatters my bumps and is so comfortable on that I pull it out every time it's hot - which seems to be every second or third day doesn't it? 

I use to buy tons of accessories, Primark was my accessory bff but over the last year I've been slowly growing board of naff accessories in favour of Sterling Silver and Gold, real gemstones and healing crystals - basically pieces that are stylish but worthy of collecting, pieces that won't suddenly go out of fashion or turn my skin green. 

I've stuck to my new resolve and have got a few gorgeous jewellery pieces this year. I faltered however with this necklace. I've seen a rise in Facebook 'shops' (local to me) selling costume jewellery for £12 upwards to £27 for pieces similar to this, because I'm a bargain hunter I just shake my head at those crazy prices because they are cray-zee! Ebay is my go to costume jewellery store and I always pick up on-trend or pre-trend pieces for less than £5 delivered from China.  

This necklace cost £2.89 delivered and can be found here if anyone wants in on this summer neon goodness. Those 'stores' on Facebook are selling this exact necklace and using this exact image for £14! grab yourself a bargain before these store owners buy them all as wholesale. 

My paisley print tunic had to come home as it's a bohemian staple (found here) and at £14.99 it's an affordable staple piece for Summer comfort. This is made of cotton and has small details such as the neckline having the teeny white square holes. 

I'm 5ft 1 so this covers my bum as it's longer at the back slightly, I much prefer my bum to be covered because showing your front outline is never pretty *ewww* This is actually long it could actually be worn as a dress and many would but I'm just not brave enough. 

What did you buy over the weekend? 


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