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YSL | Couture Palettes SS14

YSL Couture Palettes are headed this way next month and I'm freakin' excited! I'm not sure if I'll be splashing out straight away as it will be the summer holidays and kids cost a lot - I may even go bankrupt given how much my kids cost (joke) so this may need to wait until after the schools return in August, you know that as long as I get my peepers on one I'll be more than happy for the rest of the year - who else feels this way about beauty products, especially palettes? 

Back in 1956, the YSL Mondrian Dress was huge, that dress is still as iconic today and you'll probably know it as being this dress below... 

The YSL Couture Palettes were inspired by the Mondrian Dress and you can see there's a definite connection between the shadow cubic shapes and the dress - the shades not so much but you know what I'm more than likely to wear these shades than a ton of super brights, neutrals and day tones are so wearable throughout the year so cost per wear makes this splurge one that I won't feel guilty about. 

There are eleven palettes to choose from and there are some colourful ones, such as the ones pictured above. 

Palettes include - Tuxedo, Fauves, Afrique, Saharienne, Surrealiste, Rive Gauche, Avant-Garde, Love, Lumieres Majorelle and Ballets Russes. 

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