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Anna Sui Perfume | Wish List

Anna Sui and Puppa were the first beauty brands that I loved as a child. It was always the colours, the packaging shapes and the products that drew me in, I never owned any products from either brand until I became a teen because they were expensive - no pocket money was covering those prices but that didn't stop me from coveting them badly.  

My first Anna Sui perfume was the handbag shaped fragrance called Dreams. I received it in a miniature perfume gift set from Boots - it was love at first sniff. I've never been able to shake my pull towards the brand hence this wish list. I recently came across a fragrance and beauty website called Click Fragrance who stock lots of gorgeous branded beauty products at fabby prices.  Typically I browse through brands on a new site to gauge how current they actually are, if I see maybe one or two good products I tend to give the website and miss and move along to the next one, if I see lots and get that 'ooohhh' feeling when viewing their product lists then I know I'm onto a winner. Click Fragrance is a winner! rows upon rows of Anna Sui sealed the deal for me but do expect another wish list because there are loads I want and the list needs to be narrowed down. 

Here are the beauties...

Fairy Dance Secret Wish (£17.94) | Created in 2012 with tangerine, mango, pink pepper, rose, peony and bamboo on a base of sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver. This perfume is described as being seductive, warm and shimmery while leaving the wearer feeling radiant, determined and joyous. 

This bottle doesn't hold much interest for me purely because it's not one that draws you in with a specific colour or detail. This may be more suited to those who love pretty fragrances with simplistic designs - well simplistic in an Anna Sui sense. 

Rock Me (£20.56) |  Created in 2010 with bergamot, aquatic hyssop, geranium, freesia, water lily and white peach on a base of musky rose, sandalwood and ambergris. This is sweet, free and embodies the summer of love. 

Shaped like a fantasy, butterfly, guitar; who thinks of these things? I'd have loved the packaging to have taken a darker feminine look with the musky rose and sandalwood notes. All the same, it is very pretty and those perfume notes sound awesome. 

Dolly Girl (£17.90) | An earlier perfume, Dolly Girl was created in 2003 with bergamot, melon, apple, cinnamon, rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, violet and magnolia; these blend with a base of vetiver, teakwood, strawberry, raspberry, musk and amber. Dolly Girl is a playful but eccentric blend of fruity and floral notes. 

Honestly, this bottle used to scare me, I think it was the vacant doll expression to be honest. I've gotten over that and now feel intrigued by the overall perfume and packaging, granted it's never going to be my first choice out of the Anna Sui line up but I'd still love to sniff this to see how it holds up. 

La Vie de Boheme (£18.95) | I remember being so excited by this and even blogging about this perfume when it launched in 2012 but for some reason forgot all about it *doh*. La Vie de Boheme is created with Turkish rose, pear, berries, pitahaya (dragon fruit), magnolia, peony and freesia on a base of sandalwood, musk and black vanilla. The perfume is sensual, warm and feminine, playful and confident during the day and mysteriously sexy in the evening.

Can you just imagine this sitting on your dressing table? 

Live Your Dream (£18.45) | Created in 2009 Live Your Dreams is a fresh, floral fragrance. Light, dreamy and casual and suited to those who love fresh cotton, bright aquatic or delicate floral perfume. Notes include white pepper, floral notes, lily-of-the-valley, Bulgarian rose and jasmine are blended on a base of sandalwood, tonka bean, cedar, teak wood and musk. 

I adore this fragrance and packaging. So much so I have to have it. When you think of Anna Sui it's the dark, sculptured design work that is brought to mind and I can absolutely imagine this empty bottle doubling as a bottle of poison in an old witchy film or holding a rare dark rose or something equally gothic. 

Sui Dreams (£17.94) | This was my first Anna Sui perfume and is one of a few perfumes I still adore to this day. Created in 2000 Sui Dreams is innocent, feminine with a confident twist. It's very girly but not sweet so is suited to those who want to get in touch with their femininity while still smelling like a grown up. Notes include nectarine, mandarin orange, bergamot, bitter orange, freesia, peach, Chinese peony and rose on a base of nutmeg, sandalwood, musk, Tahitian vanilla, cedar and anise. 

Forbidden Affair (£17.94) | I never even knew this existed and I'm kicking myself for it because this sounds and looks incredible. Created in 2010 Forbidden Affair is a fantasy inducing, confidence boosting and mysterious perfume. It's very deep and feminine and sounds great for those who like a dark edge or a bit of sexuality from their fragrances. Notes include lemon, redcurrant, blackcurrant, raspberry, rose petals and pomegranate on a base of violets, cedar and musk. 

Flight of Fancy (£17.94) | 2007 saw the release of Flight of Fancy, a fragrance that is suppose to embody the far off exotic destinations - adventurous, joyful and enchanting. Notes include litchi (lychee), lemon, yuzu, magnolia, freesia and rose on a base of amber, musk and white woods. 

Were you ever enthralled by Anna Sui? If you fancy picking up any of these you can do so over on the Click Fragrance website. With the low prices, you'd be forgiven for picking up a couple of bottles. 

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