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Here in Scotland we have a week or so until the school holidays break - slightly stressed out at the prospect of having bored little dudes 24/7 but as long as the sun shines things will be fine (start doing sun dances now guys). I've noticed over the last few years that Scotland has taken on the American tradition of giving teacher gifts, honestly, this is a practice that has troubled me because my sons have had some pretty shocking teachers. This year however I do feel happy showing our appreciation for what they have done for our sons which means finding a unique gift suitable for teachers. 

We've just had Father's Day also here in the UK and then there's weddings, birthday's, anniversaries and every other celebration in between - I figured that these would make excellent gift ideas, especially if you want to provide your favourite people with fun, unique and tasty gifts. 


As you can see from the images there's a lot of variation. I first found out about Biscuiteers back in 2007 or 2008 when I saw them (the owner) featured in Red Magazine, at the time Biscuiteers were the only company offering hand decorated biscuits in tins and they really stood out - it does seem as though most companies have taken their approach and copied it which I can imagine how frustrating it must be for the original creators at Biscuiteers. 

The only challenge with these yummy treats is that once they arrive could you give them away? I know I sometimes purchase special chocolates and fancy treats for myself - gluttony is a fault of mine but I'm not ashamed. I find when I do purchase fancy treats I'm less likely to snack on lots of crap foods. Order your favourites without guilt guys! 

Since their birth in 2007 they've added decorated chocolates, personalised cakes, biscuit cards (cards with a biscuit on the front), cupcakes and even macarons (London area). They deliver worldwide and are really yummy, while I realise my love of this company may come across as me having been asked to write this post I can assure you they haven't and most probably won't ever actually know this was written. 

You can check out the range over on the Biscuiteers Website . Who's fancying some biscuits? 


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