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Burberry // Summer Showers Collection

I'm always somewhere in the middle with the Burberry beauty collections but every-so-often one comes along and I'm all over it. Burberry Summer Showers is one of those 'all over it' collections as it's so juicy and happy. 

I love how streamlined they've made this collection, rather than have ten or twenty various shades with names that bear no resemblance to the shade, with colours that are so far off the scale and packaging that's kawaii or kooky they've gone in a completely opposite way to other brands with a collection that's sleek, chic and sophisticated - I love it! 

Each of these products was created to give a translucent wash of colour to highlight your natural beauty and give you a healthy glow. The formula consists of 50% water (Fresh Glow Blush and Lip Glow Balm) so each application will feel really light and natural on the skin. There are three shades available in each product; Orange Poppy, Pink Peony and Pink Azalea

Burberry Nail Polishes (£15) // These polishes promise a high-gloss finish that lasts all day, quicker drying times and a rock hard, chip free formula. You know these sound too good to be true right? I so badly want to try these just to road test their promises. 

Burberry Fresh Glow Blush (£26) // A sheer wash of colour that aims to leave you looking naturally flushed and dewy. The 50% water formula leaves you feeling cool, comfortable and chic. 

Burberry Lip Glow Balm (£23) // Tinted balm that contains SPF, tea extracts, rosehip and lavender to protect and soothe your lips all day long. 

Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream (£30) // This hasn't been pictured but the formula works in the typical BB manner - hydrates, covers but not heavily, conceals blemishes and irregular skin tones and contains SPF20. What's not to love? Protection - coverage and comfort. 

You can actually purchase this collection right now from John Lewis and Harrods. 


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