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Celebrities // 10 Awesome Pics

It's easy to find inspiration in all things for me it tends to come from online sources - quotes, images and photographs. I rarely feel inspired by celebrity images because let's face it they're usually promoting something, bragging about something or just show-offy. 

These ten images stood out to me for one reason or another and I figured I'd change things up here on the blog and post them. Some have done the rounds on the net, others you may just be seeing for the first time. Here goes... 

Gaga looking semi normal. Love it, although her bath water looks gross! I just don't get the wig? I've also been trying to find out what those products and candle are in the background, any ideas? 

I so badly want Ashley Tisdale's hair which is why this is being featured, the cut, shape and everything are so gorgeous - I'm seriously debating getting this cut. Thoughts??

I may get some hate for this but Cheryl Cole's not a great singer, she is a fantastic dancer though and I love watching the dance segments in her life (pahahaha) shows and her latest advert - WOWSERS! Her body and fierceness in this image is so inspiring and makes me want to get up and move and let's be honest she looks so much better without those noughties long wavy extensions.  

At first I thought Erin O'Connor was posing for a modelling project with a prosthetic bump. I was wrong, she is in fact 8 1/2 months pregnant and in my opinion superhuman. She looks incredible - don't you think? Brave but yet beautiful, I wish I had pictures like this of my three pregnancies but I looked like a flubbering whale (being petite with big babies is not flattering). 

Who would have thought these two would be BFF's? Imagine how incredible it would be to hang with these two. I use to think Nicole was too prissy, hated her on her first American Idol/X Factor USA (can never remember which it is) judging role as she seemed too bitchy but when she came over here she rocked!! P.S who else is crushing on Kelly's hair? 

OK I know she's so skinny but the reason I love this picture is that Milly Mackintosh has been working her butt off to get 'fit'. Increasing her muscle tone and fitness overall is a positive thing to do and although she's skinny, you can see the work that she's put in. She also inspired me to get fit *groan* 

Jennifer Lopez's #iwokeuplikethis #realface selfie has been making the rounds. I love that she's showing you don't need makeup to look and feel beautiful. Not sure she woke up like that though? Maybe some primping somehow as she looks illuminated, dewy and primped slightly.

Justin Bieber's has gone off the rails but recently he's been trying to make changes to put it right apparently. He's started going to Sunday school or church and apparently he's back with Selena, as much as I'm not into celebrity gossip the mother in me wishes he would sort himself out. This picture is a nice change from his usual crazy images of partying and wild moments. 

Wow-Wee beautiful mama! Kelly's going to be joining mummy club, it's reported that she's having a little boy - she looks so radiant and beautiful. 

I love this simply because Rosie's (Huntington-Whiteley) bunny ears are incredibly beautiful. I can't stop wishing I owned them, no idea where I'd wear them too but incredible all the same. 

Have you seen any inspiring or interesting online images recently? 


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