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Color Wow is a relatively new brand in my life and offers a range of premium branded hair care products set to take your hair from drab to wow all year round. The brand was created by Gail Federici who co-founded John Frieda (who we all know and love) so you know you're in good hands with these products. I rarely review hair care only because I'm so particular with my hair care routine, my hair is very wimpy in the sense of it's affected detrimentally by most products and does well when left alone. 

As much as I'm overly fussy about my hair products and routine I've always had amazing results from the John Frieda Brunette range and it was the only brand I used throughout all of my pregnancies (because it gave me uh-mazing pregnancy hair!). I've always trusted John Frieda and loved that they catered to all types, Color Wow is no exception and here's how...

Color Wow Pop & Lock Crystalline Shellac | Created to seal in the cuticles, hydrating and trapping your colour while in use. This hair shellac leaves you with a gorgeous healthy shine but without any of the stickiness and greasy residue that comes from shine products. It contains teeny particles of mica also which add shimmer but aren't blatantly noticeable when you've applied it. Pop & Lock contains no nasty waxes and emulsifiers which is great because products that do contain these only cause hair woes in the long run.

Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse | Brassy tones don't just affect blondes, sure Color Wow offers a lavender toned mousse especially for blondes but they also offer a teal toned mousse for brunettes. Have you ever dyed your hair brown and it's eventually faded to a red or almost orange shade? If you're nodding or saying yup then you have been affected by the dreaded brassy brunette tones. Applying Brass Banned Mousse before styling neutralises these tones giving you a healthy shade of brunette just as you wanted. 

I found this easy to use and initially applied a big glob of this like a hair mask one night to get a kick start on my hair neutralising, honestly, I've noticed a huge difference and my hair is more red-brown (the actual shade I dyed it initially) rather than an orange-brown shade it went. I've saved money on hair dye because I had a tendency to re-dye my hair when it started to change to this orange faded shade. 

I now use this a few times a week (depending on where I'm going and what style my hairs in) and have noticed it's definitely better looking overall. My friend asked if I had dyed my hair yesterday so it must be doing something right huh. 

Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream | This is my favourite product because it's so easy to use and you can't even get a bad look when using this. With some products you really need to watch how much styling cream you add and there really is a fine line between the perfect amount and an amount that will leave your hair lank and dull. I found this cream smoothed my fly-away hairs, stopped my hair from blowing up like a puffer fish in the heat and it made my hair look soft, healthy and normal! not an easy feat let me tell you. 

All products are available on the Colour Wow website, they offer free UK shipping and there's some great tutorial video's on the website that are worth watching whether you purchase any products or not. 


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