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DR Renaud | Mango Hand And Nail Repair Cream

Have you ever made a fresh mango smoothie on a super hot day? The juicy scent, the sweetness and the cool smoothie is pure bliss when it's toasty warm outside (and at anytime, to be honest) and you're feeling parched. 
This hand cream by Dr Renaud is the skincare equivalent to that smoothie, no lie. 

The Mango Hand and Nail Repair Cream comes in a 75 ml tube and its aims are to hydrate, nourish and repair dry skin on the hands and nail area - honestly I did take my usage a tad further and used this bad boy on my elbows, knees, chest area and neck. The cream is the perfect thickness and I really wish more brands offered this type of formula for their face and body products because it's just so silky soft, it absorbs extremely well and isn't greasy. Without trying the cream it's hard to understand just how luxurious this cream actually feels - have you ever used a premium branded cream, applied it and it had absorbed into the skin but you were left with a feeling of balmy protection that felt velvety soft? If you've experienced that then you'll totally get how amazing the Dr Renaud hand cream is. 

This product was formulated with therapists in mind, the constant washing and drying of the hands to provide a sterile environment for their clients always results in dry and at times painful hands. The sheer level of hydration that is provided (on first application) soothes the skin while being friendly too and is suited to hand washers, parents and those who want to soothe their hands (everyone then). Vitamins B5 and B6, Shea Butter, Mango Oil, Mango Butter, Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower waxes are all packed into this tube. Good stuff huh, and if you were to accidentally lick your fingers (I won't judge but don't recommend it of course) you're not going to fall ill due to their being untoward chemicals and synthetic mambo jumbos in the ingredient list. 

Back to the fragrance - I ''may'' start a petition to get Dr Renaud to offer this scent in perfume form! It's so true to a real, ripe mango and mango (and pineapple) are my all-time favourite fruits. If you've tried this and feel the mango love too let me know and who knows maybe that petition will get sent one day *wishing* 

The cream only launched in February but I can see this being a winner in the beauty awards next year for sure. If you want to get your hands on this (see what I did there?) you can pick it up over on Dr Renaud's website. If Mango's not your thing they offer a wide range of skincare products that feature some amazing fruity scents such as raspberries, lime, mulberries, coconut as well as other botanicals. 


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