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ELF Cosmetics | Moisturising Lipstick

Elf Cosmetics are well known now but it was only a few years back that I got to know this brand, they're known as being affordable and granted they absolutely are affordable but, unlike many 'low cost' brands ELF offers mid-range products that perform exceptionally well. 

This 'Moisturizing' lipstick is one of those products. What got me was that this clearly states the UK spelling of moisturising on the website but on the packaging it states the American version - oops either a big branding error or something needs to be unified. Spelling aside here's the lipstick...

Low-cost lipsticks typically come in plastic tubes with clear lids and no other packaging. The lipstick is normally substandard made with debatable ingredients and offers a basic wash of colour - typically. 

This lipstick shade is Velvet Rope and it's the reddest shade out of the ten shades available. It comes in a fancy box and the actual tube is heavy and made of a metal casing. I've never come across a lipstick that's so substantial and the actual lipstick itself is incredibly pigmented with the slightest swatch. 

Velvet Rope has lasting power (taking me from morning to lunch easily, where I reapplied after lunch) and has a glossy sheen to it without it being physically glossy *bonus

It's available for the teeny price of £3.95 over on the Elf website if you fancy it, they also have pinks, nudes, corals and purple tones too. 


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