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ELF Studio // Baked Eye Shadow Palette

The packaging for the ELF Baked Eye Shadow Palette is so chic and glossy and I just couldn't get it to photograph crisply so no box image unfortunately, however it's the gorgeous shadows that pack a punch rather than the box *winks* Each palette consists of ten eye shadow shades, there are four palette options and the one I have is 'Colour California' and it's as you guessed, more bronzed, golden and warm toned than the other three palettes. 

The palette itself is so sturdy and chunky - it really looks chic and masculine (love geometrical, chunky products at the moment) and you don't have to worry about the opening snapping off, the mirror falling out or any of the other worries that come with cheap brands, ELF may offer affordable products but their products perform far better. 

The eye shadows are highly metallic and are easily blended to give a wearable smoky eye. They do give off some dust which you can see in the palette image on the right and upon the first swatch you get a lot of pigmentation but this does fade once applied to the eyelids. 

Honestly, I love this palette and had it been matte's or slight sheen shadows i'd be wearing it daily, however, I have crinkly eyelids and metallic worn all over my lids looks hellish. My BFF tried this out and it looks crazy amazing on her so I may gift her it...although I love wearing the lighter golden tones and the darker shadows are wearable as liners, tough one eh? to gift or not to gift, that is the question. 

The other palettes available consist of: 

Colour NYC // Petrol blues, smog greys and pretty pinks. 
Colour Texas // Golden tones graduated from whites all the way from golds, browns to black. 
Colour Seattle // Cool toned pink, lilacs and blues with the sultry silver and black shades. 

The Baked Eye shadow Palette is apart of the Studio range and costs £10 over on the ELF website. 


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