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Favourite Bloggers // 50 Blogs You Must Follow

This is either going to be a post you love or hate. If you're a list lover then I hope you have the time of your life because this post features fifty awesome blogs for you to blog hop over to. I adore reading other blogs, those I love I tend to follow on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter as I really feel an affinity with what they are putting out - those blogs that I love come from varied genres but there's always at least one thing they all have in common and that would be inspiration, a blog has to inspire me or help me in some way to keep me hooked. 

I follow lots of blogs from beauty, crafts, lifestyle, fitness and lots of boho-inspired blogs. I adore ones that hold a unique appeal, offering something different whether it be the topics they discuss, the design of their blog or even their photography and style of writing. I got to the point where I followed lots of blogs but I was only visiting the same ones over and over and in all honesty, I grew bored. I then decided to try searching for a mixed list of blogs suited to feminine interests and couldn't find any - none! granted there are ones with architecture, specifically fitness, specifically cooking and baking or style but no mixed ones. 

I decided to change that! Over the last week, I've been compiling my favourite blogs - the ones that I follow everywhere and actually look forward to visiting. Their features are interesting, their style and overall coolness leave me inspired and I hope, you too can find a new blog to add to your favourites. 

This list compiles 50 of the best, you may not see your favorite or the most statistically popular blog listed below - and that's a good thing! it's great to get out of a rut every so often and I have found so many of the hugely hyped and popular blogs are beginning to get too commercial and samey-samey as their competitors. These blogs are all popular but I'd still class many of them as hidden gems, I expect to see these more and more over the next few years. 

So enough rambling from me, here they are in alphabetical order...

Ana Goes Green 
A Night Owl Blog | No longer available.
A Cup of Jo
A Beautiful Mess 
Apartment Therapy
Buy Now Blog Later | No longer available
Beauty Full Homes
Being Little
Cupcakes and Cherries
Cult of Pretty
Design Love Fest 
Do Not Refreeze
Dear Lizzy
Dwelling Gawker
Eighteen 25
From Moon to Moon
For Strange Women
Free People Blog
Gennine's Art Blog | Last updated 2018
Hello I'm a Paper Addict
I Heart Organizing
Kourtney Kardashian
Lovely Stationery
London Beauty Queen
Life Set Sail
Meet Me At Mikes
Moon to Moon
Made By Girl 
Oh, Joy!
Paper Panda
Paper Love Story
Plant Propaganda
Pony Gold  | No longer available
Poppy Talk
Rotten Otter | Not updated since 2006
Sarah Wilson 
SF Girl by Bay
Sorta Crunchy 
Stoned Immaculate Vintage 
The Hippy Homemaker
The Sunday Girl 
Vampy Varnish
Wellness Mama 
Your Zen Life

Did you spot any of your favourites? Is there any blogs not listed that are your 'must visits'? Please comment with the url's as I'd love to check them out guys. 


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