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Giveaway // David Designer Swimwear & Pamela Mann Tights Competition

I was kindly offered the chance of reviewing a piece of swimwear from Patricia Eve Ltd who stock lots of designer swimwear brands, the piece I chose is the David Swimwear black and white circles one piece. I'm a mummy to three boys, my body was stretched beyond limits when pregnant due to having big babies, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes - it stretched so much the bottom part of my bumps skin went completely numb, the skin had stretched too far and now I do have loose skin that won't ever go back to normal (totally worth it as I have 3 awesome boys). Because of that there's no way I'd rock a two piece and you know I'm OK with that because I do feel you can look incredible in a one piece. 

I chose this piece because it has moulded breast cups so you don't have to worry about sagging or falling out of your costume, it has a tummy control panel and a wrap effect to really give your silhouette definition and excellent lines. I found it was really comfortable and didn't ride up when I walked about, getting out of the water it doesn't creep into places that requires you to hoick it out leading to some funny glares (I know you all know what I'm talking about).  

The David Swimwear range is an Italian brand that's split into three groups - a young dynamic range called ''David Fashion''; a shaping collection called ''David Solutions'' and ''David Iconique'' which consists of a range of cover ups and kaftan's. Clearly my piece is from the solutions because that's what I needed, a solution to my jiggly bits, to improve my confidence and to allow me to go to the beach or out swimming with my sons. 

I've tried other 'shapewear' type of swimsuits and to be honest I found they were either made of flimsy materials that did indeed ride up in the wrong places, the legs were cut too high or the bottom too high or the tummy panels didn't hold me in leaving me feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. I particularly love that this is dark because see through light tones are never pretty when getting out of the water - ever! 

Here's a close look at the support. Nothing digs in and nothing pops out - you're all good in this piece. 

Pamela Mann tights are also one of my favourite brands for hosiery, I've featured them before and have headed to My Tights on many occasions to purchase tights and stockings. They literally sell all styles, colours, brands and designs but at affordable prices. 

These tights are the Tight Rope Walker tights in clear and in black. They show a little tight rope walker walking along your thigh, just a small detail but one that's super cute. 

I'm hosting a giveaway at the moment as a way of thank you for being awesome. There's two prizes up for grabs which are... 

Prize One: David Black & White Circles Swimwear kindly donated by Patricia Eve Ltd and a selection of mystery goodies donated by myself. The one piece is a size 12 but is suited to size 10, 12 and a 14 in my opinion. This total prize is worth over £100. 

Prize Two: Pamela Mann Tight Rope Walker Tights which are 'one size' these are absolutely gorgeous and so unique, these were kindly donated by Pamela Mann. I am also donated some mystery goodies which I know you guys will adore. 

So how do you enter? 

Click the 'Summer Giveaway' image below to be taken to the static page with all of the deets' and the Rafflecopter form. It's also available on my Facebook page (they're linked so your entries on here will be the same on the FB Rafflecopter). 

Edit: This has now ended. 


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