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Home Decor Wishlist // Tea & Bohemian Inspirations

With hubby's work going well it's fair to say I'm excited again to have disposable income so that we can do the house up. It doesn't need much done to be honest but you know when you do your home and over the years you grow out of your houses personality - that's where we're currently at. I've gone through phases of bright colour (well to some extent), beige, minimal and luxe. At the moment we're somewhere in between cutesy, shabby and girl but it's just not me. Don't get me wrong I adore home decor that's cute and girly and I'll always love cute and girly but I really want our home to give off a sense of who we are as a family and that is minimal, earthy, hippyish, kooky and clean - for me that's bohemian and functional in every sense. 

I now realise that having a good base (walls, worktops, flooring etc) sets the stage for adding personality and not vice-versa (unless you want to grow board quickly). Once you have that base you can go as kooky as you want without it looking tacky, just don't overdo it with the accessorising of course.  

Recently I've grown fond of cactus and succulent plants, metallics such as the bunny head ornament, the touches on the teacup and the silver pineapple (how lush is that!), I've also reignited my passion for tea - I've always been a huge tea drinker but recently there seems to be no time for tea, I plan to change that of course by purchasing a lose leaf teapot, the teacups pictured and some loose leaf tea - I recently came across a company who sell said tea and I have my eye on these three in particular... 

I'm so glad to finally have a home direction in mind and can imaging the end goal of sitting in my fun but earthy home, the boys having great memories of this house and everything in it and finally sitting down for some lush tea with the BFF. 

What type of home decor items do you typically go for, do you have a type or are you a mish-mash woman or gent? If you fancied eyeing up the tea website mentioned above you can find the them on the Teasfield Teas website.  


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